Spiritual Wealth & Monetary Wealth

Spiritual wealth is permanent, whereas monetary wealth is temporary only. Spiritual wealth would come even after our death, whereas monetary wealth would be available with us only till our death. As per the words of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita Teachings, “Oh my Dear Arjuna, people are running towards acquiring more and more monetary […]

Spiritualism and Terrorism

Spiritualism and Terrorism are two different terms, and they can be classified as good and bad. Those who are following the spiritual path would feel themselves as strong, and normally they would never get angry over others, and they would be able to tolerate the mistakes of others also. Spiritually oriented people would easily live […]

Sweetness of Spiritualism

Yes. The sweetness of spiritualism is so much, and we can find the God’s presence everywhere and anywhere. He would dwell even in trees, stones and also in the souls of the living beings in the earth. Even in a small dust particle, we can see him. When the child devotee Prahalada, cried for help, […]

Spiritual Path in Hinduism

Spiritual path is the good path which must be chosen by the people, in order to get permanent peace of mind. Spirituality is a must for each and every living being in the earth, and it is unavoidable. Only if we develop deep spirituality in our mind, our various life burdens would come to an […]

Sensual and Spiritual Feeling

Sensual feeling would cause only temporary pleasure, whereas spiritual feeling would cause permanent satisfaction to our mind and body. Nowadays, some youngsters are addicted in sensual pleasures, and hence they are committing lot of wrongful activities and by the way they are also generating lot of sins on their account. Recently we have heard about […]

Spiritual Life

Life is the four lettered word, which would be repeatedly uttered by us during our life time. Life is not sweet for everyone. Except for a few, most of the people are suffering from lot of problems in their life, like diseases, poverty, unemployment, family related problems etc. All these are happens due to our […]

Spirituality gives great Mental Stability

Spirituality alone would give great mental stability for us. Without having bhakti on the god, we cannot live our life peacefully, and we would lose our mental stability. Our body contains blood, bones, brain and nerves. We didn’t know how our body is operating. By reading some books we may know about that. But if […]

Prosperity through Spirituality

We can prosper in our life by travelling in the spiritual path. Prosperity cannot be achieved within a short time. It requires lot of patience and lot of devotion on the almighty. A dull person can also prosper in his life, if he has blessings from his spiritual guru and from the almighty. When a […]

Spirituality Of Nature

Spirituality Of Nature.. We must always remember that there is one Supreme power, and we are all floating in the sea of that Divine power. It is present both, within us and outside us. When this faith dawns from within, then nothing in the world can shake us. Life acquires such great inner strength when […]

Relation of Quantum Physics and Spirituality

Please tell me about the fifth to thirteenth dimension, and the relation of quantum physics and spirituality? To this query from a devotee in his Satsang, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living explaining in his own words… Vedanta is pure Quantum Physics. What Vedanta says, or the knowledge from the Vedas say is, the entire […]