Spiritualism and Terrorism

Spiritualism and Terrorism are two different terms, and they can be classified as good and bad. Those who are following the spiritual path would feel themselves as strong, and normally they would never get angry over others, and they would be able to tolerate the mistakes of others also. Spiritually oriented people would easily live their life without much difficulty. By chanting the names of the god, and by doing good things in their life, they would feel more satisfied, and they would lead their live comfortably, peacefully and happily.

Whereas those who follow the terrorism path, would easily get angry over others, and they would live their life with full of tensions and stress, and their life would become very miserable, since their entire thoughts would be based on destruction activities only, and their life would end up with failure. Through their bad activities, lot of people would have to suffer, and public properties also would be damaged. Though it is very difficult to change their path for the terrorists, but by following the teachings of the saints and by studying their religious books, in course of time, they would be able to change their worst life into a good life. All the religions teaches and preaches good things only, and we must have to respect the sentiments and beliefs of all other religious people also, and must consider them as our brothers and sisters.

In general, if we get angry, due to our impatience, we may shout on others, and sometimes we may assault them physically also. All these things happen due to lack of tolerance. Nobody can correct the people or change the entire country or the entire world within a single day, and it is highly impossible also. Instead of getting angry over others, first we have to build lot of patience within us, and we must approach each and every of our activity in a step by step and slow and steady manner.

We should remember that no one is becoming a terrorist by birth, but they are getting formed due to loss of temper, and due to their intolerance behaviour. Once if a person decides to correct the entire state or country, then if he plans to become a terrorist and if he fall as a prey in the trap laid down by the terrorist groups, then easily he would be brain washed, and in future, he would become a big terrorist.

Lord Rama though he was considered as a very soft spoken and a kind hearted person, had taken his bow and arrow in order to destroy the evil forces in the earth, and in his life time, he never punished even a single innocent person. Even after the kidnap incident of Ma Sita, initially he tried to correct Ravana through his soft speech, and he has also given lot of chances to him, but since Ravana didn’t change his nature, finally he was killed by Lord Rama.

Similarly, our Indian army forces are doing the same thing,and initially, they are maintaining patience even with our enemy country army soldiers, and our soldiers attacks our enemies, only if the enemy soldiers cause any harm to our army troupes. They are protecting our nation day and night, and due to their great selfless service and sacrifice, we are all able to peacefully sleep in our homes, and we have been well protected due to the sincerity and dedicated service of our army forces,since they are tirelessly performing their noble service in the Indian Borders even in tough climatic conditions.


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