Spirituality gives great Mental Stability

Spirituality alone would give great mental stability for us. Without having bhakti on the god, we cannot live our life peacefully, and we would lose our mental stability.

Our body contains blood, bones, brain and nerves. We didn’t know how our body is operating. By reading some books we may know about that. But if we have been suffering from some disease for a long time, even if a good doctor attends us regularly, we cannot expect complete recovery from his treatment, since some things are beyond the control of the humans. But with the grace of the god, and by frequent consumption of medicines, we may recover soon from our diseases. Whenever we are taking any medicines for our diseases, medicines alone would not cure our illness. Along with the medicines, we must have to take the Prasad of the god like sacred ash, sandal paste and the Abhishekham milk. Then we can find a great change in our health, and we would recover soon from our illness.

If we read the life history of the saints and sages, we can find that most of them have taken the sacred ash as the medicine for curing their diseases. The great Shirdi SaiBaba used to give his Udhi (Sacred ash) for curing the diseases of his devotees, and the great Madhwa saint, Guru Raghavendra, used to give Mritigai, a type of sand, as Prasad to his devotees. By consuming the holy Mritigai, we would be recovered from our diseases, if we take it with sincere bhakti on the Holy Guru.

Though the technology had improved rapidly, but it cannot compete with spirituality, since technology was introduced in this world, only through the powers of the almighty. Whatever may be the changes in technology, God is considered as the superior among all these things.

As per the history of the great Appaya Dikshithar, who was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, once, in order to self-examine himself, he consumed some intoxicant fruits, and hence, he became mad. Even after becoming a mad man, songs on Lord Shiva began to pour from his mouth, and on seeing this wonderful incident, all of his disciples were astonished, and praised him for his great bhakti on Lord Shiva. Similar to him, we must also have to develop great bhakti on the almighty, even during our sleep, and during our other daily activity chores.


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