Spiritual Addict

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Instead of becoming a drug addict, we could become a spiritual addict! Spiritual addiction and spiritual dedication would help us to attain liberation. Lord Krishna also talks in detail, about Spiritual addiction, in his holy Bhagavat Gita. Spiritual addiction means keeping our entire thoughts on the almighty, even at the time of our sleep also. Spiritual addiction also means spiritual madness, since by the way of developing strong bhakti on the almighty, our entire concentration focuses on him only, and due to that we would become mad! The great Abhirama Pattar, who was the author of the divine song, Sri Abirami Anthati, has become mad since he worshipped Ma Abirami even during night, and hence even during his sleep, his mouth would utter the word, “MA ABIRAMI, MA ABIRAMI’, like that.

In general, we should always be active, or otherwise our mind would become rust. Spiritual addiction can be adopted from our young age onwards, since by doing that, we could be able to run our life with full of positive thoughts on our mind. The great Appaya Dikshithar had tested himself whether he concentrates his attention on Lord Shiva even after he becomes mad, after consuming some harmful seeds, he has become mad, but even during that time also, he began to praise Lord Shiva, and he has even wrote some wonderful texts on Lord Shiva with his madness!

But at the present situation, we could find only a handful of people of such kind of mentality. Some people would get the fear that if they addicted into spirituality, then their normal course of life would be affected! But our normal life would never be affected, since if we love god, then he would only do goodness to us.

The great Prahlada and Dhruva have become great spiritual addicts, and as a result, they have ruled their kingdom in a prosperous manner for several thousands of years. Our great Hanuman, who is well known for his Rama Bhakti, is a great spiritual addict, and due to that, still he is actively doing Rama Bhajan at a cave in Himalayas.Likewise, Parasurama, is also a great spiritual addict, who still performs penance on Lord Shiva in the Mahendragiri Mountain ranges.

Hence let us become spiritual addicts, in order to actively walk on the spiritual path.

Lord Vinayaka is considered to be the first god in Hinduism. Hindus worship Lord Vinayaka as the obstacle remover and people worships him daily by offering pujas to him.

Lord Vinayaka is the god of granting boons. He is regarded as the god of gods, and his temples are situated even in abroad. Even under a tree, he would be found seated. He cannot be ignored in our normal life, since we depends him for satisfying our each and every needs.

Some interesting facts about Lord Vinayaka are as follows:-

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