Spiritual Dedication leads us to attain Liberation

Spiritual dedication would lead us to attain liberation, and in this day in 2022, let us take a vow, to willfully dedicate our life by offering our sincere prayers to the almighty and also we must keep the great almighty on our soul by worshipping him permanently. Great Nayanmars like Kannappa, have even willfully donated their body organs to Lord Shiva, even without expecting anything in return for that. But we used to think, that by simply worshipping the god for a few minutes in a day, would alone satisfy the god, and he would give his blessings like the rain. Great Alvar and Nayanmar saints have reached the abode of the god only after worshipping him sincerely and severally.

At this present situation, due to the hectic work schedule, though it is difficult for the devotees to spend their entire time on offering prayers to the almighty, at least, they can spend a few hours, either in the morning or in the night, by offering their sincere and whole heartedly prayers to the almighty.

Few years back, we would have read in newspapers, that one of the staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, had chopped off his tongue and put it in the hundial of Lord Muruga as a token of expressing his gratitude to his beloved Muruga. To his surprise, within a few weeks, his tongue began to grow, and his health has become normal. From this incident, we could know, that, how the great almighty is taking big interest towards the welfare of his devotees!

Likewise, we could also observe fasting on auspicious festival days, in order to please our beloved deities. By doing that good act, we could feel that we become more brisk and cheerful, and our digestive organs also would function actively.If possible, we can also pierce the holy spear on our mouth and also on some of our body parts, during festival days, in order to please Lord Muruga.

Purity, sincerity and generosity could be obtained only by worshipping the deities regularly, sincerely and faithfully. Last but not the least, almighty is always mighty.


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