Hindupad offers customized astrology services for Janma Kundali (birth chart), Horoscope, Marriage Matching, Yearly predictions, Numerology, baby names, etc. Contact us at hindupad@gmail.com to get your HOROSCOPE, we provide below services…

Full Detailed Horoscope

View Sample: English (Also available in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam)

Full detailed horoscope is provided based on the Indian system of predictive astrology, the calculations include planetary longitudes, Rasi and Navamsa charts, Dasa/ Bhukti periods, Ashtavarga, Lords of Dasavarga, Bhava charts etc. General predictions on marriage, education, fortune, special yogas, and the effects of dasa periods with detailed transit forecast for the immediate future are provided. Based on the detailed examination of the horoscope, remedies for the harmful effects of dasa and birth star are provided in the Parihara (remedies) section.

Cost: Now Just for Rs 500 / $10

Basic Birth Chart – Janm Kundali

Available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Basic Birth Chart or Janm Kundali gives you the information about Navamsa chart, Bhava chart, Ashtavarga chart, Dasa and Antardasa periods, and some other astrology predictions.

Cost: Now Just for Rs 250 / $5

Yearly Predictions or Varshaphal

View Sample: Telugu (Also available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam)

Following the Tajika system, the ‘Yearly Predictions feature predicts and analyses Varshaphal for the year. The Varshaphal period covers an entire year from the day of Varshapravesh, which is approximately from one birthday to another.

Cost : Now Just for Rs 250 / $5

Ideal Match or Marriage Matching Report

View Sample: Kanada (Also available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam)

Based on the birth stars and the horoscopes, Ideal Match analyses the marriage compatibility of a couple. It accepts the name, date of birth, birth star, planetary positions and dasa balance details of boys and girls and stores them in a database. The compatability is analysed based on Birth Star, KujaDosha, PapaSamya and Dasa Sandhi.

Cost : Now Just for Rs 250 / $5

Ideal Gem Stone

View Sample: Hindi (Also available in English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam)

Ideal Gem Stone recommends remedial gems suitable for you, based on the birth chart and planetary positions. The planetary effect and dasa-balance are considered for gem recommendation. The system of horoscope analysis is used for general recommendations while the stellar healing principles of direct remedies are used for specific illness and problems. Even the ideal carat size, the metal on which the gem is to be set and the finger to wear it on is suggested.

Cost : Now Just for Rs 250 / $5

Numerology Report

View Sample: Tamil (Also available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam)

Numerology Report, based on the principles of numerology gives a detailed analysis of ones personality, the compatibility between name number and birth number with its effect on health, profession, marriage and fortune. Lucky harmonic numbers, favorable colours and days are recommended with remedial measures to improve personal performance.

Cost : Now Just for Rs 250 / $5

Baby Names

View Sample: Malayalam (Also available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, , and Kannada)

‘Baby Names presents you with beautiful and meaningful names for your baby. Here you will find a vast number of names along with its meanings chosen based on your preferences like religion, sex etc., and all you have to do is select the best from this collection. Our Pundits also suggest suitable names as per the birth chart of your baby.

Cost : Now Just for Rs 250 / $5

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  1. Hindola says:

    guru and shani in 2nd house in janma kundali how about jatoks feature

  2. Ashram says:

    periods in girls in the view of astrology

  3. Amit Kashkari says:

    I want to take varshaphal and full detailed horoscope services. Please guide me how to do.

  4. nandhini says:

    Birth date-12.02.1988

    Hope my time is not good at this point of time and i dont want to engage myself to be so idle and defamed.please help me…to get the numerolgical solution

  5. Laxhmi Rajaretnasingam says:

    Would appreciate if you will let me know my future horoscope from July 2014. Date of birth 18.11.1947 time 1.45 am (Singapore time).Place of birth: Singapore.
    Rasi Dhanasu, Natchathirm : Uthirdam 1 . Thanks

  6. Lokesha TN says:

    my date of birth is 11 june 1988 6AM plz provide me my future information

  7. Lokesha TN says:

    my date of birth is 11 june 1988 at 6AM plz provide my future information in kannada

  8. manjula says:

    my date of birth is on 14th feb 1978 at 12.45 pm afternoon please provide further details in kannada i am suffering in money problem

  9. Lokesh b s says:

    i have not got correct date of birth as per school record 5th sep 1975 kindly help in giving furthur details in kannada

  10. T. lakshmi revathi says:

    I want to meet sri sreenivasa gargeya garu. Plzz plzz give a contact number plzzz


    I wanted to know the horoscope of my daughter and I want to know when my daughter’s marriage will take place. If the same can be provided I will give my details of my daughter. Also please let me know when the details will come to my e-mail ID. Also please let me know how to send the charges to enable me to send the money immediately by mail transfer to your bank account without any further delay.
    Thanking you,
    P. Sankara Rao
    Qrs.No.A/78, Sector-6,Rourkela -769002

  12. balaji says:

    I want to know my complete future carries,children,health ,etc in tamil.
    in which field i will go,when my good time starts.
    All complete horoscope in tamil I need
    how much to payand how to pay
    My date of birth is 12.10.1974
    My place of birth is: mannargudi
    Time of birth is : 11.40 AM
    my mobile is 7373925092
    kindly reply back

  13. Rajashekar Murthy GS says:

    I need my janma kundali and jathaka in kannada so Please send me that to my mail. My Birth date is 1 July, 1990, night 1:10 AM – 1:15 AM. My mobile number is 9731071747.

  14. Rakesh says:

    Can I buy a new vehicle in Adhika Ashada maasa? Is this auspicious time for buying new vehicle?

  15. Shreeram Narapareddy says:

    one has to examine the horoscope (suject to correct time of birth) and see what plants are affecting positively or negatively and use correct english words to convey the message in proper sense. There should not be too much exaggeration nor too little explanation. I am finding this kind of over enthusiatic nature in most of the pundits from India. Give out information as accurately (again depends upon once knowledge) as possible. Thank you, Shreeram

  16. VANDANA VERMA says:


  17. kapil dev says:

    mera naam kapil hai. meri dob 7nov1985hai.subah ke 1.35am shukrvar hai. mera man kisi bhi kaam me lagta nahi. please mujhe meri NAUKRI kab aur kis field main lagagi batay.

  18. amith kumar says:

    want to knw my horoscope

  19. mallikarjun says:

    dear sir , i want to know some precautions to select my bike registration number., based on the following data
    name . s. mallikarjun
    dob: 01-03-1981 [ sunday, morning 10:05 am ]
    place of birth: amistapur village, bhoothpur mandal, mahabubnagar, 509382
    also tell me about the bad effects of my previous bike with number AP22 AH 2820–

  20. c.c.b.reddy says:

    dear sir,
    i am c.c.b.reddy from A.P.
    i want to know my full horoscope.

  21. Meena says:

    Sir mujhe apne husband k bare me janna hai unka nama pawan hai date of birth 20/10/1980

  22. Bhojraj Deshmukh says:

    Date of birth 23/12/1957,Time of birth 12noon so how will be Saturn transit for me? Muze Hindi me jawab Dena ji!

  23. Pargat Singh says:

    Helo sir mera name Pargat Singh
    Dob 05.09.1990 ka hia time 4.00pm kae asspass hia sir m canda kab jaughia sir kam k Leya kon sa kam thiek hia meane j he puchina hia plz sir mera help kero

  24. Ishtiaq ahmad says:

    I m from pakistan can I send u payment via western union ?. PayPal is not active in pakistan .

  25. pramod nair says:

    I want know my complete future carriers,children,health, etc in malayalam.
    In which field i will go,when my GOOD TIME started.
    All complete horoscope in Malayalam i need
    How much to pay and how to pay.
    My date of birth is: 16/02/1975, My place of birth is palakkad,
    Time of birth is :11:55 AM
    My mobile no is :09893938654
    My email id is: pchettigal@gmail.com.
    Kindly reply back.

  26. Perinkulam Ramanathan says:

    I already have a Malayalam horoscope which I want to send to you for predictions. So if you have an email address, I can send it to you.
    Perinkulam Ramanathan
    I was born in Mananthawady, Wayanad, Kerala
    Please email me at Ramaraj2006@gmail.com
    Thank you.
    I now live in USA

  27. Ravinder says:

    Want to contact

  28. Prakash Chandra Roy says:

    Irritating life living…

  29. Mahesh says:

    Born on14/10/93 at 5.1.am
    I need horoscope & the name which best suited for the match with vrushaba rashi

  30. aparnasathya says:

    HI My father in laws date of birth is 18 April 1940. When is his sastipoorthi
    date celebrated?