Generosity in Spirituality

Generosity is an act of giving things to others, in the form of donation or simply as gifts. Generosity is explained in terms of helping others, and doing good deeds quite often. Donating either in cash or in kind in cultural and religious ceremonies, or donating during the times of natural calamities like earth quake, volcano, Tsunami, floods and cyclones, is also termed as a very generous act. Generosity is an act of giving things to others, without expecting anything in return for that. Giving valuable suggestions to others is also termed as an act of Generosity.

Generosity also forms part of spirituality, since those who do service to the mankind can be considered equivalent to doing service to the god himself. Annadanam offered in the temples and in the Mutts can be considered as an act of generosity mixed with spirituality. The great Bhagavata, Sri Bhakta Prahalada, has done lot of spiritual services like performing puja to his beloved god Narasimha, constructing of temples, and also he provided sufficient food to all the people in his kingdom, and thus, he has done both spiritual service as well as humanity service.

Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita Teachings, insist us, to perform food donation, and he tells it for three times, “GIVE FOOD”, “GIVE FOOD”, “GIVE FOOD”, thus by mentioning the significance of food donation. Those who do food donation would never suffer from dreaded diseases, and they would lead a sin free, disease free and a blessed life.

Giving good advises to the young people is also considered to be a generous act, since by doing that, we are changing their life style itself. We can also give advises to the people who are addicted to bad habits like smoking, drinking and drug consumption. We can build huts to the roadside dwellers, since by doing that, we are making them to feel free in their life, and especially, during night times and during rainy seasons, they would surely bless us, and their blessings would act like a protective shield to us, and it would safeguard us during our difficult times.

After our death, surely we would be again taking birth in this world. Hence, instead of taking births like dogs, goats, crows and as small insects, let us aim to take birth as a noble person in our succeeding births also, in order to keep doing lot of good things to all the living beings in the earth.


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