Spiritual Strength

Spiritual strength is the real strength which cannot be broken by anyone. Even if a person contains good physique and if is a body builder, but suddenly if he suffers from any health issues, then he would quickly lose his body power, and would be like any other normal person. But if we generate more and more spiritual strength, we could enjoy the real strength in our body as well as in our soul, and it would never be shaken by anyone in the world.

We can take Lord Hanuman as the best example who contains lot of spiritual strength, since the great Hanuman, though he has been born as a Vanara, due to his staunch devotion on Lord Rama, he has attained the position of the god, but still he considers himself as an ordinary person, and still keeps meditating on Lord Rama. Due to his Rama Bhakti, his powers are increasing day by day, but he remain as a simple devotee of Lord Rama, and still he believes himself to be the obedient servant of Lord Rama.

Sages like Bhrigu, Vasishta and Vishwamitra had contained great spiritual strength and they have got this type of strength, by meditating the almighty for so many years. Bhakti would not come to us all of a sudden, it would come very slowly, but later on, we would get addicted with that, and thereafter, we would shine brightly in our life due to our Deiva Bhakti.

It is also believed that those who develop more and more spiritual strength can also challenge their fate, since even the fate cannot touch us severely if we develop lot of spiritual strength within us. If we see the life history of the big emperors like Krishnadeva Raya and Chatrapati Shivaji, they lived a disciplined life, and treated all other women in a highly respectable manner, and they were able to lead a noble life, since they developed lot of spiritual strength.

Our human birth is purely temporary. Those, who have enjoyed lot of physical pleasures previously, are no more now. All of us have to attain death at one point of time, and no one can escape from that. Hence let us build lot of spiritual strength, by the way of strengthening our bhakti, and let us contribute something for the welfare of our Hindu temples, since from the medias, we could hear regularly, that some of the ancient temples needs immediate attention, due to their poor condition. If we wish the almighty to grant us favour, then it is also our duty to lend our helping hand to renovate and repair our ancient precious temples.


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