Lakshminarayanacharya | Son of Guru Raghavendra Swamy

Sri Lakshmi Narayanacharya (16th century AD) was the noble son of Guru Raghavendra. He was the only son of Guru Raghavendra and Saraswati Bai. Since at his younger age itself, his father VenkataNatha had become a Madhwa saint and came to be known as Guru Raghavendra Teertha, his mother Saraswati Bai had committed suicide by jumping in a dilapidated well.

Due to that, young Lakshmi Narayana had become an orphan, and hence, he was brought up by his uncle, and he was talented in Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures. He had become a great scholar similar to his father Guru Raghavendra, and taught Vedas and other scriptures to the students. In course of time, he met his father Sri Raghavendra and received blessings from him. It is believed that he had married to a noble girl and had children. LakshmiNarayanacharya was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, and used to perform pujas at the temples of Lord Rama.

LakshmiNarayanacharya also wrote lot of holy texts on the divine deities and showed it to his father, and he was appreciated for his wonderful works by his father Guru Raghavendra. Though he lost his mother at an early stage of his life, he considered Lord Rama as his own mother, and expressed his sufferings and happiness in front of the deity of Lord Rama.

LakshmiNarayanacharya had lived a pious life, and he used to offer food to the poor people, and he also healed the diseases of the people through the sacred soil (Mrithigai) given by his father Guru Raghavendra. He looked like a shining sun and he closely resembles similar to his father Guru Raghavendra. He contains courage, wisdom and braveness and he was liked by everyone.

After living for many years, after his death, he reached the lotus feet of Lord Rama.

Let us worship the holy person and be blessed.


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  1. gopalakrishnanarasimhan says:

    what about his son/daughter their lineage ? 300 years is less period to find out; to avoid false claims by scuplous elements;

  2. narasimhan gopalakrishna says:

    lakshmi narayana children and their children why nobody traced down ? 300 yrs not big period ;hardly 6 or 7 generations; they live poor and uncared suffering life while some unscruplous elements from abroad claims with posters ad lectures; Really heart burning seeing that;

  3. Veena Sheregar says:

    How sweet to hear about Laxminarayan,Guru Raghvendraswamiji and loving Saraswati Bai story.May Saraswati Bai soul get her wishes fulfilled in lifecycle.My eyes were filled with tears after reading the story of this great family with sacrifice.