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Bala Hanuman

Bala Hanuman

Still now we are hearing that lot of Hindu idols had been stolen by some people in order to sell it at a higher price in the foreign countries. But even then, they could steal only the idols, but not the original gods. The powers of the gods and goddesses are unlimited, and within a fraction of second, they can even destroy the entire world. But they are not interested to do like that, since they shower their great kindness towards us.

During ancient times, lot of devotees were attained salvation like the Nayanmars, Alvars and the Varkari Saints like Tukaram, Savatamali, Gorakumbar and Eknath. They have attained the eternal bliss of the god, due to their true bhakti on him. If we also keep great bhakti on the almighty, one day, we can also become a great saint like Thukaram, and we can attain the eternal bliss of the god permanently.

We should not hesitate to fall at the feet of the god. Instead of falling at the feet of the humans, we can willfully worship the god, and fall before the pictures and idols of the deities. We should realize that everything is happening based on the will of the god. He is the decider, doer, and achiever, and based on his decision, the entire world is functioning. He is always interested to give all sorts of good things to us, but since we are ignoring him, he is also slightly moving away from us. We should tightly hold his feet, and must beg him to show mercy on us.

We would have heard that for getting promotions and increments, some people used to fall at the feet of their bosses. Some of them would be unable to repay their loan to the lenders, and due to that, they would fall at the feet of those lenders, and would ask them to give some more time for settling their dues. Instead of doing like that, those people can directly fall at the feet of the god, and ask him to show a proper path for them. The great Lord Krishna, who is always standing in front us, would never hesitate to lend his helping hand during the times of difficult situations.

Some people would get fear on others, due to their body strength and their status. They would obey, and would discharge duties for them, by keeping fear on their mind. Instead of doing like that, whenever we face any kind of problems from others, we should tell our problems, must cry before the god, and must ask him to show proper solutions for our problems.

Most of us are thinking that god is not hearing our cries, and he is not fulfilling our wishes. They must understand that, everything in this world is happening based on our past karmic deeds only. Even god cannot escape from that. But even then, for the sake of his sincere devotees, Lord Krishna would slightly bend the fate for them, and would add sweetness in their lives. Hence instead of falling at the feet of others for getting our favours fulfilled, let us fall at the feet of the great Lord Krishna, and be blessed.

We can also chant various mantras and Ashtakams of various deities in order to find good solutions for our problems.


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