Spiritual Path in Hinduism

Spiritual path is the good path which must be chosen by the people, in order to get permanent peace of mind. Spirituality is a must for each and every living being in the earth, and it is unavoidable. Only if we develop deep spirituality in our mind, our various life burdens would come to an end. Spirituality means not to become a saint and to keep on doing meditation on god. It means thinking about god, realizing his importance, and offering our sincere prayers to him.

Spirituality must be practiced from our young age itself. We have to go to the temples/churches/mosques along with our parents, and must pay our gratitude to the almighty. Regular practice of visiting the holy places would purify our soul, and unnecessary and unwanted thoughts will be erased from our mind. Similar to discharging our other duties, concentrating our attention on god, and allocating some time to him, would bring goodness in our lives.

Our present day life is filled up with full of miseries and sorrows. We didn’t know when we would enjoy or when we would suffer. It all lies in the hands of the god. By devoting our attention on spiritual matters, we would get the withstanding power, and we can face any challenges and sufferings in our life easily.

Though the laid down fate cannot be entirely changed through our devotion on god, at least the almighty would give the hope to lead our life successfully, and makes us to travel in our life journey without much disturbances. If we develop our full faith on god, whether we are staying inside our homes, or going out, we would feel that some divine power is always protecting us, guiding us and safeguarding us.

Cursing the god, and finding fault on him would not cause any problem to the almighty, and instead of that, we only have to suffer for our bad karmic deeds. If a dog barks in front of the mountain, no harm will happen to the mountain, and it would remain in the same place only. Only the dog would lose its energy and get tired. Hence, instead of finding fault with the god, we have to shed tears in front of the almighty, tell our worries, beg him for mercy, ask him to pardon our sins and offer our sincere prayers to him.


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