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Bala Hanuman

Bala Hanuman

Bala Krishna means child Krishna or infant Krishna, who looks very beautiful. Whenever, if we describe a child as beautiful, we would compare it similar to Bala Krishna. Bala Krishna contains very good features, and he attracts everybody in Vrindavan. During his presence as a child, the Vrindavan people used to forget their worries, and would become very cheerful by having the glimpse of Lord Krishna. He also cured the diseases of the people, made them happy and also remained permanently in their souls.

Srimad Bhagavatham was written by Sri Veda Vyasa, and in that he has mentioned mainly about the childhood plays of Lord Krishna. He also mentioned about the miracles performed by him to his devotees, and also described about the significance of the Bhagavathas like Narada and Dhruva. Though the avatar of Krishna was taken before 5,000 years, yet he is still remembered for his divine presence in the world as child Krishna.

Bala Krishna destroyed the evil demons like Kamsa, and maintained peace and prosperity in the earth. The main purpose of taking the Krishna avatar is to spread happiness and spirituality amongst the people. In Guruvayur Temple and Udupi Krishna Temple, Lord Krishna gives his darshan in the form of a child. We can easily develop bhakti on Lord Krishna, by reading Srimad Bhagavatham regularly. If we read for several times, definitely he would appear in our dream in the form of a child with a wonderful smile. After reading the Bhagavatham for several times, in my dream, Lord Bala Krishna appeared for a few seconds with a lovely smile.

God is always easily approachable. Since we are distancing ourselves from him, we are unable to know about his divine presence. Among the various deities, Lord Krishna in the form of Bala Krishna is liked by everyone due to his innocence, his divinity and his remarkable lovely smile. The great devotees like Kururamma, Bhattari and Poonthanam have seen him directly and played with him for some time. We can treat Bala Krishna as our own child, worship him, perform pujas and offer snacks items made out of butter to him during Saturdays and on during the famous Krishna Jayanthi festival.

While Narayana Bhattathiri was writing the great epic Narayaneeyam, Lord Krishna had shown his Viswaroopa form to him and blessed him. In the lives of Hindus, Lord Krishna cannot be avoided, and especially his child form.We can hear the beautiful Shree Jagannath Sahasranama, which contains the 1000 names of Lord Jagannath, which was sung by the famous Odiya Singers, Namita Agarwal & Subash Dash and the YouTube.

Lord Krishna in the form of a child gives happiness and peace of mind to everyone who worships him sincerely. Child Krishna would purify our mind, cleanse our sins, and would make us to travel in the bhakti path. Daily we have to allot some time, to listen to the divine songs of Krishna, and also must chant his 1000 names, in order to get the everlasting spiritual bliss.

At this present situation of our life, we may die at any time, and instead of postponing the spiritual activities at our old age, now itself we must have to practice spirituality. If we utter the word, “K R I S H N A”, we can find the divine nectar flowing in our mouth, and we can taste the sweetness of it throughout our life. Our life is gifted by the god, in order to praise him, worship him, and bow before him, and if we becomes a Bhagavata, then there is no need to worry about our death, and even at the time of facing our death, we can die with a smiling face, since our near and dear, child Krishna is there to safeguard us even after our death.

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