‘Spirituality’, the Great Divine Word

Bala Hanuman

Bala Hanuman

By uttering the 12 letter word, Spirituality we can find a great sense of satisfaction, since the word spirituality is considered to be a divine word. God is taking various forms and dwells in the temples as the supreme deities. We can cite the guardian gods like Muneeswaran, Madurai Veeran, SudalaiMadan, Masoba and Swami Koragajja as the best examples of the supreme manifestations of Lord Shiva. All these gods serves their duties in a pleasing manner, and their main aim is to protect their devotees from their sufferings and to give great relief by rendering their immense blessings on them. We can find few temples of the South Indian guardian gods in and around South India.

Among the various forms of Lord Shiva, Lord Koragajja is considered as a very famous protective deity, and there is a famous temple dedicated for him, and it is situated in Mangalore, Karnataka. We might have read in the magazines, that some miscreants belonging to other religion have caused shameful acts in the temple of Koragajja, and then after the continuous prayers of his devotees, the great Lord had punished the two culprits, and made them to realize his super natural powers. Koragajja is considered to be a best protector in the world, and some Hindu women in Karnataka would keep his pocket size pictures in their hand bags, in order to safe guard themselves from anti-social elements.

As per legend, once the great Koragajja Swamy served in the holy Kailasha as the divine attendant of Lord Shiva. He served very well, and considered Shiva and Parvati, as everything for him. Once he heard a discussion between Shiva and Parvati in the Kailasha. Ma Parvati had felt worried for the sufferings of the humans in the world, and asked her lovely consort, to find solutions to the problems for the people living in the earth. At once, Lord Shiva gently looked at his noble attendant Koragajja, and asked him to go to the earth, in order to remove the troubles and turmoil of the people. Immediately, Koragajja Swamy had happily agreed, and began to dwell in the earth, in order to remove the difficulties of the people in the earth. Likewise, the great SudalaiMadaSwamy and other guardian gods have also been sent by Lord Shiva, in order to dwell in the earth to remove the sufferings of the people.

Hence, it is our most important duty to worship these wonderful guardian gods also along with the main deities, since they are protecting us throughout our life, without leaving alone even for a single moment.

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