Spiritual Ladder

Bhagvad Gita image 1 no-watermark

Bhagvad Gita image 1 no-watermark

How to climb up in the spiritual ladder is the question of everyone. For climbing up in the spiritual ladder, we should develop lot of patience, devotion and dedication on the almighty. Some of us would be suffering from some health related problems like headache, stomach ache or from frequent colds and cough, and due to that, we would become upset in our life, and also would get afraid about our future life also. In such situations, we should maintain patience and calmness, in order to bear our health related issues.

Instead of cursing the god for our poor health, we should praise him whole heartedly for giving us this human life. Only in this human life, we have got the opportunity to do lot of good things in our life, like helping others, concentrating our attention on the god, sharing the spiritual matters with others, visiting of temples etc.

Our human life must be properly utilised, or otherwise, the very purpose of taking birth in this earth itself would turn into a waste. For generating lot of good karmas, we must have to completely surrender with the god, and also we must develop the attitude, that whatever granted by the god in our life, whether it is good or bad, it is for our goodness only.

For climbing up in the spiritual ladder, the following things are necessarily to be adopted by us:

1. Patience

2. Will-power

3. Concentration on god

4. Respecting others

5. Helping others

6. Chanting the Divine Mantras

7. Reciting the names of the gods/goddesses

8. Singing in praise of the gods/goddesses

9. Doing meditation

10. Visiting of temples frequently.

As per the saying of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita Discourse, we have to first control our bad enemy, and that is “LUST”, if lust occupies full of our body, then our body would become rust, and our soul also would be filled up with full of dust, and hence our entire life would turn into a total waste. Though it is very difficult to conquer the lust, but it can be achieved through constant practice, and one of ways in controlling the lust is by the way of visiting the famous DoshaNivarti Stalams like Thiruvidaimarudhur Sri Mahalingeswara Swamy Temple, Navagraha Temples in and around Kumbakonam, Shakti Devi Temples like Angala Parameswari Temple at Erode, Thiruverkadu and Mangadu Amman Temples, Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, Chottanikkarai Bhagavathy Amman Temple, Guruvayur Krishna Temple etc.

Some of us would not get married, and even if we marry, that marriage life would not last for a long time, whereas some of us would not be having children at all, whereas some people would suffer from the problems caused by the children etc. All of these problems happen due to our past birth karmas, and though it is very difficult to change it, at least by worshipping the god, we would get the sufficient withstanding powers in order to face the problems in our life with a smile.

Sometimes, out of our own problems, we would get anger with the god, and we would also curse the god. But instead of doing like that, let us mould ourselves properly, in order to climb the spiritual ladder in a step by step manner.


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