Sweetness of Spiritualism

Bala Hanuman

Bala Hanuman

Yes. The sweetness of spiritualism is so much, and we can find the God’s presence everywhere and anywhere. He would dwell even in trees, stones and also in the souls of the living beings in the earth. Even in a small dust particle, we can see him. When the child devotee Prahalada, cried for help, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Narasimha, and came out from the pillar of the palace of Hiranyakasipu and saved the child. As per the holy Ganesha Purana, when the child Vallalan worshipped and performed pujas to a stone by treating it as Lord Vinayaka, the first god Vinayaka had accepted his puja and also gave salvation to him.

Some people would comment on those who worship the trees, and the stones as gods and goddesses. According to me, no one should interfere on the belief and the religious sentiments of others, and they should not criticise the worshippers. God has no limitations, and through his immeasurable powers, he is spread all over the universe. Since god is present everywhere, all of our good as well as bad deeds would be noted by him, and based on that, he would give the rewards or punishments to us.

When Duryodana tried to tie Lord Krishna with a rope, Krishna had smiled at him, and he had shown his divine form to all the people who had assembled in the palace. We can even count the number of sand present in the beach, but we could never imagine the super natural powers present with the almighty. Though god has contained great powers, he would never harm others, but through his soft approach, in each and every second, he is protecting and showering his grace on his devotees.

Nowadays technology is improved very much, and even some people in foreign countries have visited the planet moon and the mars, and also collected some samples with them. Some countries are also planning to send a group of persons in future, in order to make them to settle there permanently. But it is highly impossible to do like that, since Lord Chandra and Lord Angaraka are the powerful demigods, and they contain the features of the almighty, and it is not possible for us to stay in the divine worlds permanently without their permission.

Let us chant the glorious 1000 names of Lord Krishna, and let us always be happy in our life. The 1000 names of Lord Krishna was recited by famous kings and sages, and due to that, they have attained the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta. Though Lord Krishna is considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, but he is the ultimate god Vishnu himself, and he has proved this in many times, during the previous Dwapara Yuga. During the time of his birth, he contains Chanku and Chakra in his hands, and he took the Vishwaroopa Darshan during the previous Yuga, for a few times.

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