वैभव लक्ष्मी व्रत

शुक्रवार को लक्ष्मी देवी का भी व्रत रखा जाता है। इसे वैभवलक्ष्मी व्रत भी कहा जाता है। इस दिन स्त्री-पुरुष देवी लक्ष्मी की पूजा-अर्चना करते हुए श्वेत पुष्प, श्वेत चंदन से पूजा कर तथा चावल और खीर से भगवान को भोग लगाकर प्रसाद ग्रहण करते हैं। इस व्रत के दिन उपासक को एक समय भोजन […]

Many US school districts closing on November 7, the day of Hindu festival Diwali

There will reportedly be no classes for students on November seven, the day of most popular Hindu festival Diwali; in many school districts in the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maryland. Some school-districts/school in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Pennsylvania and Illinois have announced early-release-day/early-dismissal/abbreviated-schedule/single-session-day/half-day on November seven, reports suggest. […]

How did Kashmir get its Name | Origin of Kashmir

What is the origin of Kashmir? How did Kashmir get its name? Kashmir is the Northern part of present Republic of India. Kashmir, the northern Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent got its name from Kashyapa Rishi. The name Kashmir, states Christopher Snedden, may be a shortened form of “Kashyapa Mir” or the “lake of […]

Relation between Knowledge & Devotion: Can Devotion be fruitful without Knowledge?

What is the relation between knowledge and devotion? Can devotion be fruitful without knowledge? To this perplexing question, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living giving a description in his own words… Now suppose you are fond of Rasgullas (a sweet) only then you will have a desire to eat it, right? How can you desire […]

Prsnigarbha, Lord Vishnu who created the planet Dhruvaloka

Among the many Avatars of Lord Vishnu, Prsnigarbha is one of the significant Avatar who largely appeared just before Lord Dhruva. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, he successfully created the planet called as Dhruvaloka for the perfect habitation of Dhruva. As per the local legends, many ancient text mentions that Lord Vishnu […]

Lalkitab Remedies for Moon in 10th house

Lalkitab Remedies for Moon in 10th house, Chandra in 10th House – Lalkitab remedies. When Moon becomes malefic in the 10th house, the native will suffer in life and become ill famed. Saturn will become unfavourable and if the native is a doctor and treats his patients with adulterated medicine, it will destroy him. Saturn […]

Pandavula Metta Temple (Suryanarayana Swamy Temple)

Pandavula Metta Temple (Suryanarayana Swamy Temple) is an ancient temple dedicated to Sun God. This Temple is located near Kakinada, 45 Kms from Rajahmundry and 85 Kms from Amalapuram in Andhra Pradesh. Sthala Puranam of Pandavula Metta Temple (Religious History) Sakuni who lost his kingdom and who lost his father in the Yuga of Dwapara wanted […]

Creation of Humans in Padma Purana

Creation of Humans in Padma Purana – How humans were created by Lord Brahma as per the Padma Purana’s Srishti Khand? On being asked by Bhishma about the origin of the four prominent castes, Sage Pulastya said— Lord Brahma created the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas from his mouth and chest respectively. Similarly, Vaishyas and Shudras […]

Return of Sri Rama from Lanka

Return of Sri Rama from Lanka is mentioned in the Padma Purana’s Pathala Khanda. Once, Sages requested Suta to describe about Sri Rama’s return from Lanka. Suta narrated the same tale, which Sheshnag had once told Vatsyayan. Sheshnag said — After the killing of demon king Ravana, Sri Rama appointed Vibhishan as the king of […]

Best Days for Rahu Ketu Pooja at Sri Kalahasti Temple (Auspicious Timings)

Rahu Ketu Pooja is the popular ritual observed at Sri Kalahasti Temple to nullify the effect of Rahu Dosha, Ketu Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, Kalasarpa Dosha, Naga Dosha, Sarpa Hatya Dosha, etc.. It is to note that Rahu Ketu Pooja is an ideal remedy for those who are facing the problems in getting married, in begetting […]

The permanent possession, Do we possess anything in this World

Everything that we possess is in mind but in actuality we don’t possess. Suppose I possess all this; as soon as I die, all possession will remain here. I’ll not take anything. So I don’t possess. But in mind I am thinking, “Oh, this is mine. That is mine.” If I leave this body, either […]

Hindus breathe a sigh of relief as Canberra peacock trapping plan is shelved

Hindus heaved a sigh of relief as the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government announced not to continue with Peafowl Management Plan, which Hindus denounced as hurting their sentiments as peacocks are revered and played an important role in Hinduism. Emma Thomas, Director-General of Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS), in an email to distinguished Hindu […]

Like Dunbar Cave Park, Hindus urge Tennessee to offer yoga in all 56 State Parks

Hindus have commended Tennessee State Parks of Tennessee Government Department of Environment & Conservation for launching yoga series in Dunbar Cave State Park from June eight to 29. “Enjoy the tranquil setting of the cool cave and the area’s wildlife all while flowing, stretching, and breathing in a yoga sequence!” an announcement says. “Registered yoga […]

Lalkitab Remedies for Sun in 2nd house

Lalkitab Remedies for Sun in 2nd house, Ravi, Surya in 2nd House – Lalkitab remedies. When Sun is in 2nd house, it will adversely affect the items associated with the planets inimical to the Sun like wife, wealth, widows, cows, taste and mother. There will also be disputes regarding property and wealth and wife will […]

Story of Hiranyaksha, brother of Hiranyakashipu

Formerly Siva, the emperor of the gods, kind to his devotees came to Kasi from Kailasa accompanied by Parvati, the daughter of the mountain and his Ganas because he was desirous of sporting there. He built his capital there. Once he went to the mountain Mandara to see its excellent grandeur. While sporting on the […]

How Krishna’s son Aniruddha married Usha, daughter of demon Banasura?

How Krishna’s son Aniruddha married Usha, daughter of demon Banasura? Here is the story of Marriage of Aniruddha (Lord Krishna’s son) and Usha (daughter of Banasura, a demon) and it is mentioned in Padma Purana’s Uttara Khanda. Lord Mahadeva continued with the divine tales of Sri Krishna — O Parvati! Sri Krishna had a son […]

Rukmanga Katha, Story of King Rukmanga (Ekadashi Vrat Story)

Rukmanga Katha: Story of King Rukmanga, Ekadashi Vrat Story. Ekadashi legend is also associated with King Rukmanga of Surya Vamsha. Story of Rukmanga, Ekadashi. As ‘Ekadashi’ or the eleventh day of any month is stated to be a special day for worship of Vishnu, observance of of ‘Upavas’ (Fasting), Puja and Vrata are stated to […]

Story: Kubera and Lord Ganesha – Ganesha’s feast with Kubera’s Pride

Story: Kubera and Lord Ganesha, Ganesha’s feast with Kubera’s Pride. Headstrong Kubera and Ganapathi’s story. Kubera invited Ganesha to her house for feast. One of the Ganesha’s names is Lambodara, the huge bellied one. Kubera being the God of wealth was a complete contrast to Lord Shiva. Kubera lived in the lap of luxury and […]

Divasi Gowri Vratha

Gauri Ganesha - Ganapathi and Parvati

Divasi Gowri Vratha is an auspicious vrata observed on Ashada Amavasya (No moon day during Ashada masam in July – August). In 2018, Divasi Gowri Vratha date is August 11. Divasi Gowri Vratha katha or the story of Divasi Gowri Vratha is mentioned in Skanda Purana. This vrata is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Devi. Divasi Gowri Vratha Mainly, […]