Shubh Muhurat in December 2023 | Auspicious days, Auspicious Timings

Here is the list of Auspicious days and Auspicious Timings in December 2023 (Shubh din and Shubh Muhurat in December 2023). This list of General Auspicious Timings are not for any specific ritual or ritual such as Marriage or Gruhapravesh but for general activities. For any specific ritual or celebration, you can check ‘Shubh Muhurat‘. […]

Rasi Porutham, Marriage Matching by Rashi (Zodiac Signs, Moon Signs)

Rasi Porutham, what is Rasi Porutham? Rashi Porutham is an aspect in Marriage Matching – by Rashi (Zodiac Signs, Moon Signs). Hindus who are considering a marriage alliance use the panchangam in order to study the stars and the planets position and based on an ancient methodology decide things for a long and a happy married […]

Subramanyeshwara Swamy Puja Vidhi, Procedure of Subramanya Pooja

Lord Subramanya

Subramanya Swamy Puja vidhi, procedure of Subramanya Swamy Pooja is given here in detail manner with stotrams, mantras and prayers.. Here is the step-by-step method of Subramanya Swamy Pooja… Achamanam 1.Om kesavaya swaaha first sip 2. om narayanaya swaha second sip 3. om madavaya swaha third sip 4. ome govindayanamaha (wash the hands) 5. vishnavenamaha […]

Important Aspects of Mahabharat

Though Mahabharat was composed by Maharishi Vedavyasa but it was beautifully written by the first god Vinayaka. Mahabharat is considered as one of the best Hindu scriptures and it is a great spiritual treasure of Hindu Religion. The Bhagwad Gita which acts as a holy bible for the Hindus is being derived only through Mahabharata. […]

Narayani Mata Mandir, Amanbagh, Alwar in Rajasthan

Narayani Mata Temple is a famous temple which is located in Rajasthan. Apart from this temple, there is one more temple for Ma Narayani and it is located in Lonavala, Maharashtra. Sati narayani belongs to Sain caste sain samaj and all over India there is two temple of Narayani maa. The famous Narayani Mata Temple […]

Bichale Raghavendra Swamy Mutt | Third Mantralayam

There is a Raghavendra Swamy Mutt at Bichale, which is located a few kilometres away from Mantralayam, and it is a sacred place for the devotees of Guru Raghavendra Swamy, since Guru Raghavendra lived in this holy place for a few years along with his main disciple Appanacharya, and he also wrote some holy texts […]

TTD Festivals in December 2023

Here is the list of TTD Festivals in December 2023. Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara Swamy Temple is best known for its grandeur in celebrating festivals and other puja rituals. December 2023 coincides with Karthika Masam and Margashira Masam as per Telugu calendar. It also coincides with Karthigai Masam and Margali Masam (Dhanurmasam). The temple town of […]

Karthika Vanabhojanam in Tirumala Tirupati on 3 December 2023

The community dining event in the auspicious month of Karthika, the Kartika Vana Bhojanam program will be held on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at Vaibhavotsava Mandapam in Tirumala. It is customary to perform this unique dining event in the Paruveta Mandapam every year. TTD has decided to conduct this event this year at Vaibhavotsava Mandapam […]

Veerabhadra Katha | Story of Veerabhadra Swamy

Veerabhadra is an avatar of Lord Shiva. He was created by Lord Shiva in order to teach a lesson for Lord Daksha, who had insulted Lord Shiva and avoided him to invite for the Yagna conducted by him. Sati was the daughter of Daksha. At her younger age, due to the holiness of Lord Shiva, […]

Vaikunta: Lord Vishnu’s abode

Vaikunta: Lord Vishnu’s abode. Vaikunta Lokam is the abode of Lord Vishnu where he stays with Lakshmi on Ocean. Vaikunta Loka in Scriptures, Vaikunta Mahatmya. Lord Vishnu is largely described as having four-armed, holding a lotus, mace, shankha (conch) and chakra (discus) and the divine blue colour of water-filled clouds. This description is given in […]

Tirupati Kodandarama Swamy Temple Festivals in December 2023

Tirupati Kodandarama Swamy Temple Festivals in December 2023.. The following are some of the special festivals at Sri Kodandarama Swami temple in the month of December 2023. December 1: Sitarama kalyanam on Punarvasu nakshatram at 11am. December 2,9,16,23,30: Abhisekam on all Saturdays at 6 am December 12: Amavasya Sahasra Kalashabisekam in the morning and Hanumanta […]

Special Festivals in Tirumala in December 2023

Lord Balaji in Tirupati temple

The details of special festivals to be held in Tirumala Srivari Temple in the month of December 2023. December 3:Kartika Vanabhojana Utsavam at Parveta Mandapam December 8: Sarva Ekadasi December 12: Adhyayanotsavams commence December 17: Commencement of Dhanurmasam December 22: Chinna Sattumora December 23: Vaikuntha Ekadasi,Swarnarathotsavam. December 24: Vaikuntha Dwadasi, Sri Swami Pushkarini Theertha Mukkoti. […]

Visesha Pujas, Events in December 2023 – Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Kanchipuram

The list of Pujas & Events in December 2023 in Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu is given here. December 2023 coincides with Margashirsha Maas and Poush Maas in North Indian Hindi calendars & Karthika Masam and Margashira Masam in Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and Gujarati calendars; Agrahan Mash and Poush Mash in Bengali Panjika; Karthigai […]

Balalayam at Nagulapuram Temple

TTD is organizing Balalayam at Sri Veda Narayana Swamy temple in Nagulapuram from December 3-7, 2023 with Ankurarpanam on December 2 evening. As part of the Balalayam, a model sanctum is built with portraits of main idols to facilitate daily pujas and repairs will be taken. In connection with the auspicious fete, TTD is observing […]

Significance of Prasnam Astrology

Lot of benefits can be derived by seeing the Prasnam Astrology. We can get the grace of the divine mother Ma Shakti Devi, as well as, we could be able to know about our future accurately. Prasana Jothidam is also a different type of astrology that has been followed since the previous Dwapara Yuga. There […]

Maha Maho Upadhyaya M V Ramanujachariar

Maha Maho Upadhyaya M V Ramanujachariar.. Sri Manalur Veeravalli Ramanujachariar was the first person to translate, MAHABHARATHAM- the longest poem in the world- (more than One Lakh Verses) from Sanskrit Language into Tamil. Sri Ramanujachariar was born in 1866 in a small village Manalur in Tamil Nadu located near Kumbakonam. He lost his father at […]

Elinati Shani | 7 ½ years of Saturn Transit | Sadesati | Ezharai Sani

Elinati Shani (Sadesati Shani) is the 7 ½ years of Saturn Transit period which has greater significance in any native’s life. Saturn transits 2 years and 6 months in every sign. It takes 7 and a half years for Saturn to transit from the 12th sign to birth sign and to move out of the […]

Murugan | Kartikeya | Subrahmanya | Skanda | Kumaraswamy

Lord Murugan Subramanya

Lord Muruga, also known as Skanda, Kadamba, Kathirvela, Senthilandava and Karthikeya, and also by various names, is the second son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. He was born from the third eye spark of Lord Shiva. He was a great warrior in the battle field. He fought with several asuras and defeated them. He was […]

Peacock in Hinduism | Vehicle of Subrahmanya Swamy

Lord Subramanya

The Peacocks are beautiful birds, and lives in the dense forests, bird sanctuaries and zoo. They are mentioned in Hindu Puranas, Vedas and ancient texts, and peacock is the divine vehicle of Lord Muruga. Peacocks are lovable creatures, who would give best fortunes in our life. By hearing its voice, and by seeing the dance, […]