Sri Sri Ravi Shankar | Founder of ‘Art of Living Foundation’

Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living Founder

Ravi Shankar is a famous spiritual Guru. He is referred to as Gurudev. He founded the Art of Living Foundation in 1981, in order to provide social support to the people. In 1997, he established a charitable institution for the welfare of the society. Ravi Shankar was born in the year 1956, in Papanasam, Tamil […]

Bhima Bhoi, Saint Poet from Odisha

Bhima Bhoi (1850–1895) was a saint and a famous poet of Odisha. Bhima Bhoi was a disciple of Mahima Swamy. Bhima Bhoi had spread the Mahima Dharma, a kind of Dharma formed for the welfare of the suppressed and the under privileged class of people. Bhima Bhoi was born in Jatesingha at Odisha in the […]

Swami Ranganathananda

Ranganathananda (1908–2005), was a saint and served as the president of the Ramakrishna Mission. His birth name was Shankaran Kutty. Ranganathananda was born in the year 1908 in a village near Trichur, in Kerala to a pious Hindu family. He was impressed by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and joined in the Ramakrishna Mission at […]

Parrot in Hindu Dharma | Vehicle of Kamadev, Shuka Maharshi, Meenakshi Devi

Parrots are lovely birds, and they are strongly associated with Hinduism. Lord Kamadeva also called as Manmadha (Kamadev) and his vehicle is a parrot, the great Shuka Maharishi contains parrot head and Mata Meenakshi Amman at Madurai is holding a parrot in her right hand. Parrots are used for astrology purposes also, and generally the […]

Peacock in Hinduism | Vehicle of Subrahmanya Swamy

Lord Subramanya

The Peacocks are beautiful birds, and lives in the dense forests, bird sanctuaries and zoo. They are mentioned in Hindu Puranas, Vedas and ancient texts, and peacock is the divine vehicle of Lord Muruga. Peacocks are lovable creatures, who would give best fortunes in our life. By hearing its voice, and by seeing the dance, […]

Forgotten Deities in Hinduism

In Hinduism, we are worshipping large number of gods and goddesses. Apart from the main gods and goddesses, we are worshipping the demigods, and demigoddesses, guardian gods, saints, rishis and their wives etc. In ancient times, people used to worship the Vedic deities such as Pushan, Akash raj, Lord Indra, Varuna, Brahma,Vayu, Surya, Agni, Yama […]

Elephant in Hinduism | Ganesha, Gajendra Moksha, Airavata

Elephants are considered as holy animals, and they would be found in temples, zoos and forests. Though they are classified as wild animals, in general, they would not harm others. Only if they get some problem in their physical or mental health, they would try to attack others. Elephants are considered as the divine incarnations […]

Swami Sarvanand Saraswati

Swami Sarvanand Saraswati is a great saint who has formed lot of welfare organizations for the goodness of the people. Swamiji started many projects for the welfare of the poor students. He raised the standard of living of the women and poor people, and motivated them in their path. He is a spiritual person, and […]

Amman Satyanathan | Devotee of Raghavendra Swamy

Amman Satyanathan is an ardent devotee of Guru Raghavendra Swamy and he belongs to a pious Brahmin family. He wrote several devotional books and published it, and his books are available at “ARULMIGU AMMAN PATHIPPAGAM” He wrote and published 11 Parts of books, on the importance of Guru Raghavendra Swamigal. Apart from that, books about […]

Greatness of Divine Saints

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Saibaba are considered as the two eyes for the Hindu devotees. Both are considered as the divine saviours who had took the avatars in this earth for reducing our sins, diseases and removing the fear from our mind. They are having the capability even to grant SALVATION to us, based on […]

Sant Sakhubai

Sant Sakhubai was the daughter of a poor couple in Pandharpur. She was born a few hundred years ago in Pandharpur. Her parents were very humble and straight forward in nature. They were very sincere devotees of Lord Panduranga. They always worship him with pure bhakti in their mind. LIFE She was fully involved in […]

Kunchan Nambiar, inventor of Malayalam art form ‘Ottamthullal’

Kunchan Nambiar was a famous Malayalam poet and a devotional writer. He was a multifaceted personality, who was well versed in all kinds of arts. Similar to Ezhuthachan, Bhattari and Poonthanam Namboothiri, Nambiar was very good in penning devotional poems. He is considered as the king of the poets in his period. Nambiar is believed […]

Significance of Coconut breaking at Temple (Tirumala Tirupati Temple)

Everything associated with Tirumala has its own significance. Be it Laddu or human hair or annaprasadam or anything else. Similar is the devotional importance linked with the breaking of coconuts by devotees as a mark of offering to Lord for fulfilling their wish. The history of Coconut breaking goes back to several decades and this […]

Divine Beauty of Deity

Our temple deities would look very beautiful and attractive. Nothing can be made equivalent to their lovely smile. Whether it may be Krishna, Muruga, Shiva and Shakti etc., the loveliness and the sweetness of the deities can attract the hearts of millions and millions of devotees. In ancient times, the deities are carved by the […]

Goshala (Gaushala)

Goshalas are the safety shelters for cows in India. Goshalas aims on taking care of cows in a proper manner, since cows are considered as the sacred animal in Hinduism. Goshalas are established in India from 19th century onwards. The main aim of the people working in Goshalas is to rescue the wandering cows and […]

Mahamaham | Maha Magam

Mahamaham, also known as Mahamagham, is a Hindu festival which is celebrated once in 12 years in the Mahamaham tank located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. And the holy tank consists of the water from the holy rivers Mata Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Narmada, Godavari, Krishna, Tungabhadra, Kaveri, and Sarayu. Next Mahamaham festival will be celebrated in […]

Kritavarma in Mahabharata

Kritavarma was one of the Yadava warriors and a ruler of a small kingdom, and he was also a relative of Lord Krishna. He was mentioned in Mahabharata, and in other sacred texts. According to ancient texts, he was born as a fearless person, and was considered as a pious and holy person among the […]

Name, Fame & Wealth

Everybody is interested to attain name, fame and wealth at their young age itself. Some would try their interest levels in dance, drawing, music and singing etc. But for all of them, attaining good name, fame and wealth is not possible. Only those who take keen interest in their respective fields, and exhibit their talents […]


A criminal is someone who acts against the law. A criminal may be a murderer, terrorist, thief, or even when a person evades the tax, he is also called as criminal. A criminal is not a born one. A criminal is formed due to many other reasons like Unemployment problems, family problems, psychological problems, problems […]

Poverty & Unemployment – Worst Enemies of Mankind

Poverty and unemployment are the worst enemies of the mankind, and both sails in the sea in the same boat. Unemployment problems prevails in almost all the countries, and the reason is due to changes in economy, increase in commodity prices, inflation, change in rate of exchange, poor export and import policy and problems due […]