Thumbs Up !

Thumbs up is an act of showing victory gesture, which is also shown in order to bring confidence to others. In general, friends used to show the Thumbs up sign between them, in order to express their strong bondage of friendship, and also to inculcate sufficient will-power among themselves. Most of the ancient under-developed people used to show the Thumbs Up sign with their friends and relatives, whenever they were in a happy mood.

There is also a famous cool-drink beverage company named as Thumbs up and their logo itself is the Thumbs up Sign, which brings more customers to them, and their marketing strategy must be well-appreciated by us.

As per legend, before going to the war, the wives of the soldiers, would apply Sandal Paste, Sacred ash and Tilak on the foreheads of their husbands, and also would show the Thumbs Up sign, in order to give more bravery, courage, encouragement and will-power to them, and also they would praise about their skills,which would be shown by their husbands in the battle field.

At present, since we are very active in the social Medias, like face book, twitter and Whatsapp, people used to communicate the messages with others using the Thumbs up Sign. Parents used to show up the Thumbs Up sign to their children before going to the examinations, in order to fetch victory and to score good marks in the exams. Most of the Dumb and Deaf people used to express their joyfulness using the Thumbs Up gesture, and it is also one of the easiest ways of expressing their thoughts.

Lord Rama’s fingers would show the Thumbs Up sign whenever he shoots his arrow with the help of his bow. Even while bowing our hands before the almighty, both of our hands shows the Thumb up Sign, which is considered to be a good act. At the present situation of life, where we are getting afraid of the dreaded CORONA Virus, we can simply show the Thumbs Up gesture with others even for small, small things, since it motivates our mind as well as others, and also it brings cheerfulness. Most of the doctors after finishing the operations successfully would show the Thumbs Up sign to the relatives of the patients, in order to express their happiness in a silent manner.

Our human life is subject to frequent change, and we may face dangers and difficulties at any time, whether in the day or in the night, hence, let us frequently show the Thumbs up Sign before others, in order to make ourselves to feel active and more enthusiastic.


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