Sensual and Spiritual Feeling

Sensual feeling would cause only temporary pleasure, whereas spiritual feeling would cause permanent satisfaction to our mind and body. Nowadays, some youngsters are addicted in sensual pleasures, and hence they are committing lot of wrongful activities and by the way they are also generating lot of sins on their account.

Recently we have heard about some youngsters who have molested young ladies and they have blackmailed them also. Though they have been arrested by the police, but the mental agony faced by the young girls would never disappear from their mind. This was happened since the youngsters are very much interested in enjoying all sorts of sensual pleasures at their teenage itself. They don’t have patience to wait till the completion of their marriage, and hence they want to enjoy it instantly. Just for a few Minutes pleasure, they are spoiling their entire life, and till their death, they would be facing from severe troubles in their lives.

In order to avoid this, we must have spiritual feeling in our mind from our young age onwards. We should consider Lord Krishna as our divine master, and must keep on chanting his names and his glories. Whenever we chose a wrong path, we must realize that the lotus eyes of Lord Krishna are always watching us, and hence, immediately we must have to select the spiritual path in our lives. By choosing spirituality, there is no need to get away from our family life. Spirituality would act as a guide for us, and we would know about the Do’s and Don’ts in our life.

Lord Krishna interacted with the Gopikas, and all of them considered him as their beloved god, and showed great interest with him. Lord Krishna touched all the girls, and gave great spiritual pleasure to them. Due to that, they have attained the divine worlds in the heaven, and still they are keeping the sweet memories of Lord Krishna in their souls.

Those who enjoy too much of sensual pleasures, would suffer from several diseases, and at the end of their life, they would get a painful death, Whereas those who contains spiritual feeling in their mind, would be having great strength in their mind and body, since constant worship on the god would make the god to permanently dwell in our souls, and due to that, we would enjoy our each and every moment of life through the spiritual bliss showered by the god.


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