Ghosts in Hinduism

Ghosts are believed to be the souls of the deceased persons, who dies in an unnatural manner, like by the way of committing suicides, murders and accidents. Still some people didn’t believe about the existence of the ghosts, and they would consider ghosts as fictitious characters only. It is also believed that ghosts would live […]

Lets Praise the Sacred Sanatana Dharma

We have to always keep utmost faith on god and on our holy Hinduism. Only if we have faith on our Hindu religion, we would have faith on our gods and goddesses. Our Hindu religion is followed only in India, and there are lot of countries who follows other religious principles and practices. If the […]

Construction of Temples, Mutts & other Holy Structures

Construction of temples and mutts and also construction of churches and mosques are considered as a very good task, since by doing these activity, we are honouring and pleasing the divine deities. In ancient times, Lot of kings were built many famous temples like the Thanjavur Big temple, Sarabeswarar temple, Airavatheswara temple and Kailasanathar temple […]

Village Festivals in Hinduism

Village festivals are celebrated in the villages throughout India. Village festivals would be associated with temple festivals, and mostly in South India, during Aadi Masam (Ashada Masam), Mata Shakti Devi, would be grandly dressed and wears lot of ornaments, and would be decorated with flowers and flower garlands, and lot of pujas would be performed […]

Importance of Temple Deities Worship

Visiting and worshipping the deities in the temples is common among the people all over the world. Many people would think that if god resides in my heart, why I have to go to the temples and offer worship to him? The main reason for visiting the temples is to get some pleasant adventure, and […]

Punishment for Criminals by Ancient Kings

Ancient kings used to give punishments to those who involve in criminal activity. When a person acts against the law of Dharma, he would be severely punished by the kings. The punishment may vary from person to person, based on the type of the criminal offence. If a person makes a wrong entry in the […]

Faith in Cosmic Power, the Only Remedy

In this scientific age, man is striving to fathom the mysteries of the universe. Yet the infinite power of the “self” remains unknown. Man is ignorant of the truth that this “power” is within himself. The Supreme Truth can only be known through faith and meditation. At a time when the good and pious are […]

Religious Preaching

All the religions speak only about good matters, and the teachings of the saints, are very marvellous, and would melt the hearts of the humans. The great saint Adisankara, the great Lord Jesus Christ, and the divine messenger Prophet Mohammed, were done only good things in their life, and faced boldly during the tough times. […]

Importance of Hindu Culture

Hindu Culture contains its own values and follows the ancient traditions, customs and values, and respects others. Hindu culture dates back to several centuries, and there is no vast changes in the culture. Even Hindus living in foreign countries, would adopt the Hindu culture, and would treat everyone as their friends. The following procedures are […]

Gods’ Creations as per Hindu Dharma

God’s creations are considered as very beautiful, magnificent and marvellous. He has started his creation work before several millions of years, and we have crossed several stages of our life, like plants, insects, birds, mammals, animals and finally as a human being. According to Hinduism, it is believed, that we have to cross several lakhs […]

Science behind Hindu Traditions


‘The Science behind Hindu Traditions’ is elaborated in this post. Indian Customs Vs Scientific Reasons Traditions in Hinduism were considered mainly as superstitions, but with the advent of science, it is becoming evident that these traditions are based on some scientific knowledge and moved from generations to generations as traditions. Though the common people did […]

When will Corruption and Terrorism end? Will Sanatana Dharma end?

When will corruption and terrorism end? Will Sanātana Dharma (the eternal law) end? To this question raised by a disciple in Satsang of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji replies… No, Sanatana Dharma will never end. It has been practiced since time immemorial and will continue to exist. It has been thirty years since […]

Trincomalee Shankari devi Shakti Peetham in Sri Lanka

shankari devi shakti peetham sri lanka

‘Lankayam Shankari Devi………    starts the Ashta Dasha Shakti Peetha Slokam, written by Sri Jagadguru Aadi Shankaracharya. Shankari Devi temple in Tricomalee, Srilanka is a prominent temple for Hindus. But, it is most rarely visited and it is very least popular in all Astadasha Shakti peethas. Shanakri Devi Temple is situated in an east coast town of […]

Vijayadasami 2013, Vijaya Dasami date in 2013

Goddess Durga Devi

Vijayadasami, Durgadasami (Dasara, Dussehra), is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Dasami in Ashwin month. Vijayadasami 2013 date is October 13. It is celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil. On this day, Mother Goddess Shakti demolished bufello demon Mahishasura. Usually, Navratri Durga Puja concludes on this day. And, Lord Sri Rama killed demon king […]

Role of Shaivism in Hinduism

Lord Shiva

Role of Shaivism in Hinduism, what is the role of Shaivism in Hinduism and its growth? According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, the four major oldest sects of Hinduism are  Smartism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Shaivism. Each and every sect has its own identity and significance in the religious circuit of Hinduism. It is […]

Hinduism is Universal in Character

The edifice of Hinduism has been founded, erected and fostered by sages, saints and illustrious spiritual guides. Hence the customs, usages, and traditions which are being continued have eternal validity and they can be scientifically explained. The scriptures are not myths as some say. Every act has a deep significance. Unfortunately, the cultural history of […]

India’s Income Tax Department said Hinduism is not a religion

Hindus are upset at recent reported order of an Income Tax Tribunal in Maharashtra that “Hinduism is neither a religion nor Hindus form a religious community”. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that it was a bizarre, inappropriate and shocking statement. Any standard encyclopedia would tell you that […]

Unquie Features of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

We have the rare privilege of being born as human beings and we desire to live happily in this world. Pain and sorrow, trials and tribulations, these provide the incentive to thin about the course of our lives, about the cause of our griefs, and the way to overcome them. Our present troubles are the efface of […]

Ramayana stage production in Seattle, USA

Welcoming the ambitious theater production “Ramayana” formally opening in Seattle (USA) on October 18, Hindus hope that this stage version would stay true to the story and the spirit of their ancient Sanskrit sacred scripture. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Ramayana was a highly revered scripture […]

Durga Nimajjan – Durga Idol Immersion after Durga Navratri

Durga Nimajjan also called as Visarjan is the last and concluding event of Durga Navarathri. In some places it is performed on Dussehra / Vijaya Dashami / Dasara / Dassara. Durga Visarjan 2011 date is October 6. The day of this event may depend on the regional traditions of a place. On the same day, […]