Faith in Cosmic Power, the Only Remedy

In this scientific age, man is striving to fathom the mysteries of the universe. Yet the infinite power of the “self” remains unknown. Man is ignorant of the truth that this “power” is within himself. The Supreme Truth can only be known through faith and meditation.

At a time when the good and pious are disappearing from the face of the world, when life has become a battle-field and when ego and selfishness have turned human relationship into a business-like endeovour, it is the imperative need, now, to discover one’s own essential nature and the capacity of the indwelling power.

The chain of limitations which binds us should be broken to know one another and to understand the pain and suffering of others by putting ourselves in their place. Then we may discover how God enters our lives.

Some may deny the existence of God. But human intellect cannot disprove God. If the intellect can contain Him within its grasp, then it will only mean that intellect is greater than God. A God under the control of intellect is not what we need. What we want is faith in the supreme power which controls the universe and which is beyond the mind and the senses and which makes the intellect function. What we have to enquire about is the very source of that power that exists within ourselves. Faith in Cosmic power, together with meditation, alone will enable us to attain knowledge of the Self”. That power is the very substratum of our existence.

Mata Amritanandamayi, in a lecture, said God moves through His creations. People should shed their selfishness, fully becoming conscious that the effects of good and evil acting in one part of the world will be reflected in other areas. In order to build a healthy and wholesome society, children should be taught moral and spiritual values. The life force that pulsates in trees, plants and animals is the same as that in human beings. The same consciousness flows in every human being, lends its power to the movement of the wind, the flow of the river and the light that filters from the sun. Just like the human body, the world is a whole but the progress we witness is divided growth.

The division in the minds of individuals can be the cause of fissiparious tendencies in the family,in society, in the nation and the world. We should grow spiritually along with our material progress. When we meditate and pray, as a group, the lif energy of all of us will harmoniously flow into a single point. Attuning our hearts with that one supreme power, we should submit ourseleves to god appealing to him to let all beings in the world be happy, peaceful and prosperous.

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