Difference between Dvaita and Advaita Philosophy in Hinduism

“What is the difference between Dvaita Philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya and Advaita Philosophy of Sri Shakaracharya?” This is a question raised by a devotee at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s satsang. Let us read Guruji’s reply to him…

‘Advaita’ is like quantum physics and ‘Dvaita’ is like chemistry. In chemistry you say there are these many isotopes or you refer a periodic table where they categorize all the different elements. But if you go to a quantum physicist, he will say, ‘it is all just wave function’.

A periodic table does not exist for a quantum physicist. He says everything is only atoms; wave functions.

Both are right. Chemistry has its utility and physics has its reality.

It is really brilliant what Adi Shankara has said and it is equally very interesting what Madhvacharya has said.

He said, ‘everything exists at their different levels and at that level it is good.’
On a practical note, Madhvacharya emphasised on love and devotion. For love you need two and in devotion you need someone to surrender to; a higher power to surrender to.
So this is a practical thing that Madhvacharya said, ‘surrender all your troubles and difficulties’.

Adi Shankara said, ‘hey! Just wake up and see it is all nothing’.
That is what Lord Buddha also said.

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  1. Sangya says:

    what is the difference between dvaita and advaita

  2. kavya says:

    Sankaracharya is noting….he is avatara of manimath the rakshas in mahabharatha …he had killed by bhima…in dwaparayuga …but he prayed to lord shiva…to learn the veda…in next avatara …so shiva had told that my avaysha will come with you ..so that you can learn the veda in next janama ….so he learn veda …Sankaracharya went to kashi to learn brahmasutra but fact is that all vedas are in the hand of vedavyasa…Sankaracharya stolen that from vedavyasa with the help of shiva..and wrote bhashya totally opposite to that original bharma sutras …but vedavyasa is karuna samudra ..he not used his power to oppose him….because vedavyasa know that vayu will take birth as madhwa he will correct all mistakes of manimath….as manimath was a rakshasa his aim is to show wrong path to sujana that he did …don ‘t follow Sankaracharya policy…if you want please …read both brahma sutra bhashya written by Sankaracharya and madhwacharya you only come to know the truth……if you follow Sankaracharya means you are going with rakshasa

    • Chakravarthin Rama says:

      Sarve janaha sukhino bhavanthu. kavya, i think we as least intelectuals (including you) have no ability to understand the greatness of such a great sage and guru. i see parakasta of agnana in you. may lord forgive your behavior typical of muslims downgrading greater people. i suggest read original scripts instead of listening to mullas of your mutt.

    • Chakravarthin Rama says:

      I would also suggest you to learn sanskrit so you read brahmasutra by yourself without pre opinion and understand it. But well before it i would also ask you to learn some english grammar, and more than that showing some respect to shankaracharya because of whom hinduism is still alive, If not for shankaracharya, possibility of madhwacharya or anyone else would not have been there. there would not have been anything called hinduism today.

    • pavan says:

      Is there any evidence in vedas about shankara charya avatara , their followers telling shankaracharya is an avatara of lord shiva is it true what is your opinion.

    • Ajith says:

      Anyone condemning great Gurus w/o knowing properly about them, not even god will be able to save them.
      Sri Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya is great.

  3. Kakeroat says:

    With all due respect and dvaita ideology is not ultimate truth. Dvaita philosophy is laughable at worst and divine entrainment at best.
    Most of advaitins don’t even bother refuting it or worse yet mentioning it.

    Sincere apology for harsh language.
    All glories to narayana,(and hence to me, you and everybody)

    • bhootarajaru says:

      they don’t bother to refuse because they can’t. Advaitan’s hold their proof’s which are baseless. The thing is they do not admit the fact that we dvaitan’s are better understanding than they are. They are simply stubborn . One can point the fault in one’s understanding and guide him in the right way , if he fails to follow the way even after advice,its simply his foolishness, ignorance.This is excatly the case of advaita, they know that their’s is wrong one, but even then they insist on it.(Personally advaita is rank worst philosophy).

  4. Swapnesh says:

    sankaracharya stoled that from vedavyasa with the help of shiva

  5. Kishorekumar says:

    what is dvaita and advaita philosophy in telugu

  6. Gururaya says:

    I think advaitins are hypocrites they call Aham brahmasmi and still practise idol worship I think they havent understood anything what the great Adi Shankararu taught. On the other hand atleast dwaitins have understood and follow what they believe and are taught

  7. srivathsa says:

    I have a question about madwa philosophy
    1) for madwas there are 5 bedas
    *)jiva -jiva
    *)jiswara-jada and jiva-jada
    BUT TODAYS SCIENCE HAVE PROVED THAT THERE IS NO JADA-JADA BEDA…..i:e according to madhvaacharya ,gold can never become silver….but todays science have proved that by changing electronics configuration we can change gold to silver….WHICH ACCORDING TO MADHVAACHARYA IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!…because nothing,or jada loose their prakruthika guna according to madhvacharya,….
    2)jiva-jiva beda:
    accoring to dvaita each jiva is suguna and his prakrutika gunas are his own gunas.
    1)me myself, i am human i see another human in kama,but if i become dog in next janma,i see dog with kama…..so prakruthika guna kama is not atmans guna
    2) bhudhi:
    now when we are human we have high level of bhudhi,but if i become dog in next janma we have bhudhi of the level of dog,so budhi is not atmas guna
    if u go on thinking like that u will come to know that ,these gunas atman got from MAYA of jagath..and is not atmans guna ….so atman is nirgua and jagath is maya…………so madwaacharya’s jath is truth and 5 bedas are false…….

  8. srivathsa says:

    ultimate knowledge is sacchidaanada. sacchidaananda is the personality(swarupa) of brahman….which means …..
    sat(always present)….chit(consiousness)……anadnda(bliss) …..when you experience…..this ananda(bliss)…….that means your personality have become equal to sacchidaanada….in that state you have become sacchidaanada swarupi…..or in other words…..you have become sacchidaanada rupi brahman …..which is the ultimate knowledge….as vedas says…..
    so….you yourself…..have become sacchidaanada….or YOU HAVE BECOME BRAHMAN ,which is ultimate knowledge….thats why vedas say…..prajgnam brahm….or brahman is knowledge…..and you are brahman…….(aham brahmamaasmi)……this is in breaf……the essence of jgnana yoga….

  9. Gautami Ramesh says:

    All is nothing but till we take birth in physical bodies, we are supposed to follow certain procedures as physical body has limitation….