Construction of Temples, Mutts & other Holy Structures

Mukteswara Temple, Bhubaneswar image

Mukteswara Temple, Bhubaneswar image

Construction of temples and mutts and also construction of churches and mosques are considered as a very good task, since by doing these activity, we are honouring and pleasing the divine deities.

In ancient times, Lot of kings were built many famous temples like the Thanjavur Big temple, Sarabeswarar temple, Airavatheswara temple and Kailasanathar temple etc. All these temples were built in order to provide a proper place of worship for the people. Gods and goddesses would mostly inform the kings in their dreams, to construct the temples for them, and they also would mention the place of location of the temple to be built in their dreams.

The kings were built lot of temples using very good art and architecture, and still most of the temples are considered as the greatest monuments in India, and well maintained properly by the temple management. Similar to temples, lot of mutts were also constructed such as Ramakrishna Mutt, Raghavendra Mutt and Mutts of Hindu saints etc. Most of the Mutts are managing independently. Giving donation also to charitable activities and other social welfare activities is equivalent to construction of temples and mutts.

Some devotees would even give their belongings and properties after their death to the temples, and it is considered as a genuine task. And some would believe that donating money to the temples would give prosperity in their life.

Doing repairs and renovation work of temples is considered as a very good task, and it would heal our diseases, and our life would blossom like a lotus flower.

By helping in the construction of the temples, past births sins would be reduced, and we would get permanent satisfaction and happiness in our life, and we would attain SALVATION after our death.

Hence let us donate lot of money towards construction, reconstruction, repairs and renovation of temples and mutts and be blessed.

Let us always worship the “FIRST GOD VINAYAKA”before doing any task, and be blessed.

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