Trincomalee Shankari devi Shakti Peetham in Sri Lanka

shankari devi shakti peetham sri lanka

shankari devi shakti peetham sri lanka

‘Lankayam Shankari Devi………    starts the Ashta Dasha Shakti Peetha Slokam, written by Sri Jagadguru Aadi Shankaracharya. Shankari Devi temple in Tricomalee, Srilanka is a prominent temple for Hindus. But, it is most rarely visited and it is very least popular in all Astadasha Shakti peethas.

Shanakri Devi Temple is situated in an east coast town of Srilanka, Tricomalee (Tri – Cona – Malai = a triangular hill). Along with the temple of Shaankari Devi, there is a temple of Lord Shiva – TRIKONESHWARA Temple (Koneshwaram Temple). The actual name of this place was Thirukonamalai from which the new name Trincomalee is emerged. The 6th century’s Tamil literature works have got references of Thirukoneshwaram temple.

Portuguese people demolished these temples in 17th century. Now we can see the new & renowned versions of temples.

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  1. k senthilkumar says:

    Pls sir i want to see shanakari sakthi peedam in srilanka but there is no proper and corresponding address pls send the shankari sakthi peedam in srilanka senthilkumar 00919443595082

    • KA Kumar says:

      Shankari Devi temple and Tirukoneswara (Siva) temple are in the same complex on a small hillock, in the town of Trincomalee. This town is on the north east side of Srilanka and about 260 kms from Colombo (via Dambulla).
      One can go by bus or taxi from Colombo to Trincomalee. In the town, one can reach the temple by a autorickshaw which is about 3 to 4 kms.

  2. Chaitan says:

    location of shaankari devi in trincomalee sri lanka

  3. Swara says:

    shankari devi temple trincomalee sri lanka temple contact address

  4. Turag says:

    What Is the name of sakthi peetam hindu temple in sri lanka

  5. Vartanu says:

    sri lanka srisankaridevi mandir kolambo town near triqulo town

  6. Iksha says:

    map for 2 sakthi peetam in sri lanka

  7. k.vigneswaran says:

    Shankari Devi in Lanka cannot be identified with Koneswaram and Mathumai Amman. Mathumai Amman is a sober version of the Devi. The literature on Koneswaram does not refer to the name Shankari Devi. Further, when one speaks of a Shakthi Peetham, it must be a Temple with the Devi as the main deity.

    The first question is did Adi Shankarar mention Trincomalee in his writing? Or, is it a later addition by some interested person. If Adi Shankarar had mentioned Trincomalee, then Shankari Devi should refer to a Durga Temple in Trincomalee District. Shankari has to be a Durga or Kali and not a sober version of the Devi. I would venture to study the Kali Temples in Sampur or Parayankulam off Pankulam in trying to identify Shankari Devi Temple.

  8. M,KRISHNA RAO says:



  9. k.venkatanarayana says:

    sir/madam, the above said subject is very useful for all in the world.

  10. I.rajani kumari says:

    Plz send postal address of sakari devii temple to send money