Punishment for Criminals by Ancient Kings

Ancient kings used to give punishments to those who involve in criminal activity. When a person acts against the law of Dharma, he would be severely punished by the kings. The punishment may vary from person to person, based on the type of the criminal offence. If a person makes a wrong entry in the books of account, then his fingers or his hands would be amputated. If a person commits theft then also his hands would be severed. Even the great avatars like Rama, Krishna, Prahalada and Dhruva had given punishment to the criminals.

In general, punishment is given in order to correct the offenders, so that in future they would not do it again. Lord Manu also asks the kings to give severe punishment to the wrong doers.
But at the present situation of the world, lot of wrong doers are increasing day by day, and though they are given punishment, most of them are still doing the same mistakes again and again.

Among the various offences,Corruption is a form of criminal offence undertaken by an individual or organization to acquire benefit for one’s personal gain. Corruption may include bribery, forgery and fraud. Political corruption occurs in most of the countries throughout the world. Corruption can occur on different scales. Corruption ranges from small corruption to big corruption. In ancient times, kings would give severe punishments for the corrupted, and they would even take up their lives.

Still in some countries, death sentence is awarded for corruption. Doing corruption is a sinful activity, and those who do corruption would be awarded with punishment during their life time, as well as after their death. Though the government is trying its level best to eradicate the corruption, but it could not able to succeed fully in its attempts. The general public must not encourage the activities of the corrupted, and must handover the corrupted people before the law.

Before few centuries, kings would chop the hands of the corrupted person, and would take their wealth and ban them from their region. Due to that, people would afraid of doing corruption, since law and order was strictly maintained and followed. But nowadays through the loop holes, the corrupted people are escaping from the eyes of the law. Big corruption also results in causing the economic position of a country to become poor, and also it affects the faith of the common public. People are sitting in AC hi-fi rooms and doing corruptions, whereas poor farmers are working in the hot sun, and getting only a meager sum even after rendering hard work throughout the day.

Persons doing corruption must think deeply and must take an oath of not committing corruption in the future. In some places, proper books of accounts are not maintained, and the staffs are showing falsified accounts. In one magazine I have read that most of the people who are involved in corruption are suffering from various problems in their life, like their children’s mental disorder problem, frequent fights with their spouses, thefts and mental confusions etc.

Hence let us prevent corruption by taking proper action and save our nation.


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