Gods’ Creations as per Hindu Dharma

God’s creations are considered as very beautiful, magnificent and marvellous. He has started his creation work before several millions of years, and we have crossed several stages of our life, like plants, insects, birds, mammals, animals and finally as a human being.

According to Hinduism, it is believed, that we have to cross several lakhs of ordinary births, and then only we would be born as a human being. In several Puranas, they have mentioned like that. Among the various living beings in the earth, humans are considered as the most important living being in the earth, since they are able to think and act accordingly. They are able to talk and realize the things around them, and making lot of new inventions, which the other living beings cannot do.

We should use this human birth effectively and efficiently, in order to come out from the birth cycle. For that, we must divert our attention on god, and must try to do good things in our life. Each and every human being is created by the god for some purpose only. And we have to utilize our time on doing productive work.

Human beings appear different from each other,and their status also differs, and this happens due to their past birth good and bad karmic deeds, which we would have done either intentionally or unintentionally. Nobody knows our previous births history. Thus, we should not get confused towards thinking about unnecessary and unwanted things and break our heads. Instead of that, we have to divert our attention on doing good activities in our life.

Along with our regular work, we have to allocate some time for worshipping the god, and for thanking him for giving the human birth, and can perform pujas and chant his mantras, and visit the temples, and can provide social services also. Each and every one can donate for some valuable cause, and they can do it based on their financial background. Apart from doing that, we should show sympathy and mercy on all the living beings in the earth, and must provide proper help to those who are in need, and in general we must do only good things in our life, so that there is no need to worry about the life after death.

Hence, let us be good, kind and honest with others and we can offerour regular prayers to the god.

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