Religious Preaching

All the religions speak only about good matters, and the teachings of the saints, are very marvellous, and would melt the hearts of the humans. The great saint Adisankara, the great Lord Jesus Christ, and the divine messenger Prophet Mohammed, were done only good things in their life, and faced boldly during the tough times. Whatever word comes from their mouth, it would be sweet, and would blossom our life.

All of them taught us to do lot of charitable activities, worship the god regularly and to avoid the bad habits like lust, anger and fear etc. And, they also taught us the way to lead a happy, peaceful and a blessed and sin free life.

They gave lot of courage, and spiritual energy to us, and boost our inner spirit, and make us to achieve the glory of the god, through their preaching and teachings to the entire mankind. They have been sent by the divine god, in order to inculcate the faith and devotion on god. All the noble saints have dedicated their life, and worked for the upliftment of the people.

They didn’t show any enmity or jealous on others. They lived a very noble life, and rendered valuable services, and still guiding us through their holy works: The Puranas, The Noble Bible, and The Sacred Quran.

Hence let us worship the noble saviours and the almighty and be blessed.

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