Hinduism is Universal in Character

The edifice of Hinduism has been founded, erected and fostered by sages, saints and illustrious spiritual guides. Hence the customs, usages, and traditions which are being continued have eternal validity and they can be scientifically explained. The scriptures are not myths as some say.

Every act has a deep significance. Unfortunately, the cultural history of Hindus has been distorted by some ‘vested’ interests who have made a ‘criminal’ approach towards this Faith. This ancient religion is universal in character and desires that the entire humanity should be one.

To prove this, it can be pointed out how Hinduism has never believed in conquering other countries or forcing members of other Faiths to join its fold. A Hindu can take legitimate pride in his cultural and religious background and in preserving its heritage.

Some people brand Hindus as fanatics not aware of the glorious traditions they have imbibed. Facts have been twisted in respect of various rites and rituals. It is misrepresented that in the sacrifices conducted, animals were killed. This is far from truth. The Sanskrit lexicons and dictionaries sometimes give various meanings for the same word. Hence proper interpretation with reference to the particular context is necessary. Thus instead of criticising Lord Rama as having partaken meat, it can be seen that he consumed the root of a tuber which, after due processing appeared like flesh.

Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi (Ramadasa Ashram) in a lecture referred to the wisdom of the ancient in that they had possessed light types of aeroplanes, including the familiar Pushpaka vimana. Different varieties of metals were used in their manufacture.

The Vedic Mathematics were being adopted to solve problems. But modern students were being taught distorted versions. Even Swami Vivekananda as a boy was told that their fathers were fools, grandfathers lunatics and Hindu scriptures were false.

On the other hand, the discussion between Rama and Vasishta brings out valuable information on circumambulation (clockwise) in temples and why the bride always sits on the left side. The fact that Rama befriended the hunter chieftain Guha and an aged woman Sabari would Show that there was no discrimination and Hindu Religion is not sectarian.

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