Unquie Features of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

To preserve Hinduism, it is wrong to resort to the methods employed by the competing religions. On the other hand, we should fall back on the life breath of our own religion, i.e., on karmaanushtaana as taught in it. There is no need even to combine in congregational patterns. Ours is purely a religion of the individual. When an individual prefects himself, his example will be emulated by others.

The true prayer is not for getting relief from suffering, but for keeping out evil thoughts from the mind and for making good thoughts always dwell there. When misfortunes one after another overtook the Pandavas, Kunti prayed that they should be vouchsafed strength to remember God constantly.

According to Hinduism, the only way to get rid of sin is to perform the prescribed karmas by which the accrued sins will be expiated and fresh sins will be Warded off. The discipline of karmaanushtaana will make for health and for purity of body and mind.

The way of religion is not to grieve over suffering, but to pray that evil thought may not get a foot- hold in the mind in moments of distress. Then the power of endurance will develop and suffering itself will lose its sting. Such a perspective is the outcome of Jnana which has to be acquired by each individual by his own efforts. That is why our religion is individualistic and not congregational in nature.

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