Unquie Features of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

Buddhism preached ahimsa and universal love. The love that overflowed the heart of the Buddha and his sincere disciple, attracted people to that religion. The spring of life of Buddhism is this outflow of love.

The core of Hinduism is the generation of love in others by the precept and practice of highly developed individual souls. The scrupulous adherence to observance‘ of religious discipline and practices and the moral excellence of great men account for the survival of Hindu religion in such large measure, in spite of vicissitudes.

The spiritual eminence of these few men and their all-embracing love, sustained the faith of the multitude, who felt drawn towards them, like bees to flowers and bats to fruits. Buddhism laid emphasis on the practice of love to all; in Hinduism the cardinal principle is to develop that love in oneself as the fragrance of the soul. The great men of the Hindu religion did not profess to uplift or save others by their teachings: they made themselves pure and their precept and practice made for the spiritual education of those who came in contact with them. One, who is not himself pure, cannot teach others to be so.

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