Importance of Temple Deities Worship



Visiting and worshipping the deities in the temples is common among the people all over the world. Many people would think that if god resides in my heart, why I have to go to the temples and offer worship to him? The main reason for visiting the temples is to get some pleasant adventure, and to avoid the dullness in our mind, and can get great hope and confidence in our mind.

Most of the Hindu temples are built in ancient periods, and recently only few big temples are being built. Building temples and worshipping the god is based on our bhakti and faith on god, and devotees are not doing it on any insistence. No god or gurus would insist us unnecessarily to build temples or mutts for them.

Only in case of need, they would appear in our dream and ask us to do such things, mainly for the sake of our prosperity and for the prosperity of the entire devotees. Nowadays Shirdi Baba Temples and Raghavendra Mutts have been founded in different places of India. It all depends on the faith and the bhakti devoted on them. In ancient times, Gods and goddesses would appear in the dreams of the kings and asked them to build big temples for them. And the kings also would obey their orders, and would dedicate themselves towards doing such a noble activity.

If we sit in our home, and meditate by chanting the god’s names, we would be able to do it only for a few minutes, since our mind would get diverted. Whereas, it we go to a temple, and meditate inside the temple premises, we would get more attention on god, and have a sense of feeling that god is watching us inside the sanctum sanctorum, and can perform meditation for several minutes, and tell Slokas and chant the names of the gods with pure bhakti in our mind. Inside the temple premises, we can also study some devotional books, so that the contents mentioned in the book, would be properly stored in our mind, and we would never forget about the details mentioned in the book.

Hence let us try to develop the habit of going to the temples at least once in a week and be blessed.


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