Ghosts in Hinduism

Ghosts are believed to be the souls of the deceased persons, who dies in an unnatural manner, like by the way of committing suicides, murders and accidents. Still some people didn’t believe about the existence of the ghosts, and they would consider ghosts as fictitious characters only.

It is also believed that ghosts would live in the burial grounds, lonely places and under the top of the big trees. Lot of ghost films were also produced and it received a very good response from the audiences. People used to worship some ghosts also, after they attain spiritual powers, and they are to be considered not as ghosts, but to be considered only as gods and goddesses.

As per legend, Ma Nallathangal, had committed suicide along with her children due to starvation, and, after that, she has obtained supreme powers from Lord Shiva, and due to that, she has become a goddess, and her popular temple is situated in Virudhunagar District, which is known as Ma Nallathangal Temple. Likewise, the great Kathavarayan who lived as a security guard was murdered by a king, due to a love affair, and after his death, his soul has attained a spiritual state, and become a famous minor deity, and his temples are situated in Vellore and Salem. Still people worships Kathavarayan for getting bravery, courage, willpower and good knowledge.

As per legend, the great Bhakta Prahalada, after the death of his father Hiranyakasipu, had become the king of the demons, and he was also honoured by the ghosts, spirits and by the demon like living beings in the earth and in the underworld. Due to a boon granted by Lord Narasimha to Prahalada, he would be the king of the Demons and other spirits forever in this world, even after he retires from his position. Those who chant the “Prahalada Mantra”, “OM SREE BHAKTA PRAHALADAYA NAMAHA”, need not worry about evil spirits, demons and other wicked departed souls, since he is permanently considered to be their king, and also controls them through his powers. Hence, instead of doing research work about the existence of ghosts in the world, as a precautionary measure, let us keep chanting the Prahalada Mantra, in order stay far away from the evil ghosts.


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