Village Festivals in Hinduism

Bonalu Mahankali Jatara

Bonalu Mahankali Jatara

Village festivals are celebrated in the villages throughout India. Village festivals would be associated with temple festivals, and mostly in South India, during Aadi Masam (Ashada Masam), Mata Shakti Devi, would be grandly dressed and wears lot of ornaments, and would be decorated with flowers and flower garlands, and lot of pujas would be performed to the divine mother in the village festivals, and similar to that, Lord Ayyanar, Muneeswarar and Kathavarayan swamy Pujas also would take places in the village festivals.

In north India, Purij Jannath temple car festival is very grandly celebrated, and also Kumbha Mela festival is celebrated in Allahabad, Varanasi, Haridwar and Nashik.

In Koovagam, grand festival would be celebrated by the transgender community people during the Chitirai Month, which falls on April – May of every year. The village festivals would mostly takes place in the temple grounds or in the public playgrounds also.

In Tamil Nadu, village festivals are celebrated to the Kula Devi or Kula Deva of the people. During the festival days, people from faraway places would come to their native villages, to attend the function.

The people would enjoy the festival in company of their friends and relatives and cheerfully spend their every moment. Rich food would be prepared and served to the Kula Deva/Devi and after the performance of the festival it would be shared among the devotees. Even the enemies will become friends during the times of festivals, and they would speak about their problems open heartedly, in front of their beloved deity, and forget their past bitter incidents. New event such as opening of a shop or arranging for marriage also takes place during such festivals.

All the devotees, especially the small children, would make use of the tree swings and play Cricket, Football and Kabaddi during their free times. The devotees would properly make use of the festival, and would get delighted with the huge feast offered during the festival days. Non vegetarian food would be served in most of the villages, and they would prepare the food using rich ingredients, and also use lot of Malasa items, and put cumin and garlic for easy digestion.

After the end of the festival days, they would start preparing to go back to their work places without much interest, and they would console themselves, that in the next year, they could come and attend the festival in their villages.

Let us praise the village deities and be blessed.

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