Unquie Features of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

There is evidence to show that the Vedic religion is the most ancient religion and was once current in most parts of the World. Now it has shrunk within the confines of this country, as new religions gained appearance. How did they grow? The reason is to be sought in our faltering allegiance to the Vedic religion and our fitful observance of its practices.

The “weakness” of our religion, about which people are worried, is not due to our not doing propaganda for it, but to our own lack of faith in it and our own failure to conform to its tenets. In fact, propaganda is not sanctioned, for, it is enjoined that one should not be told unasked and one who has devotion, should not be told the truth.

The strength of a religion does not lie in the numbers of those who practice it; but in the conduct of those who practice it. The best “propagandist” for the Hindu religion is the Hindu who lives up to its tenets. It is on account of such great men that our religion survives even to-day.

Another significant feature of our religion is that it has no name, because at one time no other religion existed. As it taught the practice of eternal Dharma, it was referred to only as Sanaatana Dharma. When other religions came into existence, they were called by the names of their founders, to distinguish them from the prevailing Vedic religion.

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