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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

If we perform meditation in our homes, we could easily get diverted. During the time of deep meditation, some of our family members would raise their voice loudly, or otherwise, we would get disturbed with the TV Volume, sound raised by the small children who lives in our neighbourhood locality etc.

Whereas, mostly temples would appear calm, and mostly unnecessary talks would not happen in those places. But nowadays, even in most of the temples, instead of doing meditation, devotees began to talk interestingly about politics or about film industry matters. Temples are the worship places, where we should maintain strict silence and obedience. Some youngsters would come along with their lovers and they even used to play love games inside the temples itself!

At this present Kaliyuga, we would easily get distracted whenever we involve ourselves in spiritual oriented activities. By performing meditation during the ancient period, even ordinary people have become great sages, now they peacefully lives in the Rishi Mandala, and in that place, there is no need to worry about hunger and thirst, and they also shines brightly and contains good health.

By reading the books written by Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, a great Yoga Guru, we could know about the importance of doing meditation and Yoga. The great Swamy Vivekananda was able to get the divine vision of Ma Kanyakumari Amman after he performed rigorous meditation on her, at a rock situated in Kanyakumari, which is now famously called as “SWAMI VIVEKANANDA ROCK”, and boat facilities are also available to visit the holy rock.
Parents should take their children regularly with them to the temples, and they must tell about the importance of doing meditation to them during their childhood itself. It is also scientifically proved, that stress and tensions would be controlled by performing meditation, and it also purify our blood vessels, controls heart attacks and cholesterol and lot of health benefits we could get by doing meditation, especially in the temples, in order to lead a healthy, peaceful and happy life.

Let’s see the glorious face of Lord Krishna on each and every object in the world, without considering whether it is movable or immovable, or whether it contains life or it is a lifeless object. God occupies all over the universe and apart from earth, god dwells in all other worlds also, upper as well as lower worlds. If we see the Viswaroopa Krishna image, we could see that even the major deities like Shiva, Shakti and Brahma are present in his huge body!

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