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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

Lord Brahma’s worship during ancient period was quite amazing! He was treated as the main god, and was worshipped by all sects of people who belonged to Hinduism. During Vedic period, numerous temples of Lord Brahma were available in India. But during the time of Mughal invasion, while demolishing the Shiva and Vishnu Temples, most of the Brahma temples were also demolished. Lord Brahma was also worshipped by the ancient Greeks and the Romans in a different name, but after the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, they began to worship only Lord Jesus, by considering him as their one and only true saviour.

The worship of Lord Brahma began to drastically reduce after the construction of numerous temples for Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Due to that, the sun god, Lord Surya Bhagavan, and the Heaven god, Lord Indra Bhagavan had also lost their fame. Though a separate shrine for Lord Brahma is dedicated in most of the Shiva Temples, but compared with other major gods, it is very sad to be mentioned, that only a few temples are dedicated to him.

While the temples for saints like Guru Raghavendra and Sri Shirdi Saibaba keeps on increasing day by day, then why there should be a big scarcity for Brahma Temples? For most of the demons, it was Lord Brahma who has granted numerous boons to them. He has got such a great super natural powers, and in fact, being a creator god, more and more temples must be constructed only for him, but it is believed that due to the curse given by sage Bhrigu, only lesser number of temples are dedicated to him.

As per legend, it is believed that before 3000 years ago, during the period of the great king Vikramaditya, who ruled the ancient Ujjain City, had dedicated a few temples for Lord Brahma in his Ujjain City. The size of the Brahma Temples appears to be very gigantic, and there are also separate halls available for the purpose of feeding food to the pilgrims. But in course of time, it is believed, that those temples were demolished, and in those places, big palaces of the Mughal kings were constructed!

But whatever may be, I consider Lord Brahma and Ma Saraswati as my respectful deities, and as my true father and mother, since they are the ancient Vedic deities, and I used to regularly offer my humble salutations to them!

Every one of us knows about Saibaba of Shirdi very well. But only a few of us are aware about his Spiritual Guru Sri Venkusa. During his teenage, Sri Saibaba had met his Guru Venkusa at Shirdi, and he describes about his Guru as “My Guru is the one who is interested in meditation and he is a soft and good natured person, and he has inspired me due to his good qualities. My eyes were fixed only on him, and sometimes I used to continuously see his eyes for hours together. I have lost myself on him. I have continuously served him for a period of twelve years. And my Guru didn’t used to get up from his seat for the entire twelve years, and due to that, I have been assigned the task of feeding food to him on my own hands, I used to change his clothes, I have also removed the dirt of my Guru on my own hands, and all these services were done by me joyfully. Finally my Guru blessed me happily, and said that wherever I go, he would remain with me on my soul, follow me like my shadow, and would guide me properly. He has further asked me to maintain strict patience and confidence throughout my lifetime. But my Guru didn’t give me any sort of spiritual teachings, but, I even feel today, that his divine presence is always with me”.

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