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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

Why we are talking a lot about Lord Krishna! The reason for that is, Krishna avatar takes place before few thousand years, and the existence of Krishna is proved by many researchers and also is available in our holy Bhagavata Purana. Whenever we recite the holy word “K R I S H N A”, immediately we could feel a sort of divine vibration, entering into our body. It is our duty to spread the significance of Lord Krishna amongst the masses, similar to the holy ISKCON movement.

We can realize the existence of Lord Krishna everywhere. When Krishna (Vishnu) takes the Narasimha Avatar, he has emerged from the big pillar, and from this incident we could clearly knew that Lord Krishna dwells in all the objects, likewise he dwells on all the idols present in the temples. Even for some of his staunch devotees, when they were affected with snake poison, Lord Krishna had immediately sent his Garuda Vehicle in order to suck out the poison from their body.

When we consider that Lord Krishna present on each and every person, then we would never get addicted with bad habits like lust, anger, greed and fear. Even if we worship a tree by considering it to be our Krishna, then one day, the tree would appear before us in the form of Lord Krishna! Since it all depends on how much faith we show towards god!

In our free time, we can also imagine as if we construct a new temple for Krishna, covered with full of gold and precious stones, and we could also fix a suitable auspicious date for the consecration ceremony of our mind Temple. Hence let us consider everybody as the divine forms of Lord Krishna, and let us do divine service to Krishna, by keeping him on our soul.
In general, some people who belong to different religions make business in the name of the god. People whenever they suffer from any types of problems, becomes victim to such types of fraudulent people, and some of them even loses their precious life on the hands of the so-called “Spiritual Personalities”.

Whenever people feels that they have been affected with some evil spirits, instead of approaching some fraudulent persons, who claim themselves to be the best magicians in the town, they can visit the holy Shrines of the deities and saints like Kasi, Srisailam, Mantralayam and Shirdi, in order to get better and faster remedy for their problems. At the present scenario, most of the people are running behind money, and those people would be interested even to commit crimes without thinking about sins. Some bad natured people used to tell like this, “Let me face the problem whenever it comes! Now I am not going to worry about it”. And by saying like this, they would keep on committing sins by targeting the innocent and the lonely people.

People in general should avoid making loose talks with others, especially with the strangers. Once if they knew about our weakness, then they would plan in such a way, to grab our hard earned entire money including our homes! Some people would earn lot of money by claiming that their god could do miracles at any point of time! They also used to appoint some assistants with them, in order to improve their religious business in a faster manner.

Our great Saints and Philosophers like Guru Raghavendra, Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda didn’t do any type of business in order to promote our holy Hinduism. Just by delivering lectures and through their spiritual books, they have spread the holiness of our Hindu Sanatana Dharma. But nowadays, some people who belong to other religions wanted to convert the Hindu people into their own religion, by making false promises. Still even in our Hinduism, some people make more money by asking the devotees to perform lot of Homams, which are not at all required to be done by them, and by the way they are making them into “SACRIFICIAL GOATS”.

Hence, let us always act cautiously by worshipping our beloved Gurus and Deities, and let us always lead our life carefully, honestly and perfectly.

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