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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

In Germany, about 25% of people are afraid of getting married. The reason behind is, due to the poor understanding between the life partners, most of the married couples are getting divorced within a few years from the date of marriage. Aged couples even in our country are getting afraid of whether their children would leave them alone even without giving them sufficient money for their food. If we take the life of young children, most of them are addicted in watching mobile phones, even without spending sufficient time with their parents. Some books are also available which helps the patients and the depressed people to commit suicides, and its circulation must be immediately stopped. We can also find lot of Psychologists and Psychiatrists in most of the places, especially in the cities, and they also gives good treatment according to their level best, by recommending some vitality and vivacity tablets, to the patients, which gives them refreshment at least for a few hours in a day!

Most of us are blaming the god for our own problems, and even due to our own misfortunes and due to our own de-merits, we are cursing the god, as per an old saying in Tamil, once a dancer who doesn’t know about proper dance movements put her fault on the dancing hall by saying that the hall is very small, and hence she was unable to perform the dance!

Even in case of beggars, they used to beg only during their assigned hours, and in the balance of the day, with the money what they have earned would be spend for eating some good non-veg food, and they also would watch movies with the balance money. If someone ask them to make some savings, then they would immediately reply, “For next day food, I would think only on the next day, and before that, why I should worry about it?” But most of us are trying to earn more and more wealth, as if we are going to live for another 1000 years! Hence, let us be happy with whatever money we have, by thinking that it is gifted by the god, by chanting the wonderful names of the almighty, by keeping his thoughts on our mind, and let us be blessed.

Let’s perform meditation at least for some time in the temples. Temples provide us good positive vibration, and we could peacefully meditate in the temples especially when it appears in a deserted look. In some temples, meditation halls would also be there, and performing meditation in those places would give good satisfaction to our inner soul. Before few years ago, during Sundays, I used to visit Sri Ramakrishna Temple at Mylapore, and performed meditation before the wonderful statue of Ramakrishna for some time.

We can always find some foreigners who used to stay and peacefully perform meditation in the Holy Ramanashram situated in the Girivalam path at the sacred place of Thiruvannamalai. The Vishnu Avatars, Nara and Narayana were once performed meditation in front of the holy Shrine Badrinath and therefore they had attained great spiritual powers, and that’s why during the previous Dwapara Yuga, they were able to take the forms of Arjuna and Krishna respectively.

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