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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

When a person does not know whether what he does is right or wrong, then immediately he must have to clarify his doubts with wise people.

Even the Holy Himalayasmight submerge on the oceans, but my wordings would never go wrong.

Don’t burden your parents, since they are only your true deities.

Even if we take thousands of births, it is very difficult for us to repay the debt of what the mother and the father have done to us.

No life would be taken even by the death god Yama Bhagavan, before the appointed hour.

Father and Mother are to be worshipped regularly similar to the god.

Even our dear friend might become our very worst enemy, but god would always be our best friend for ever in our life.

Immaturity would result in taking lot of unwise decisions in our life.

Whatever actions performed by us, whether it is good or bad,would be taken into account by the god.

Be an honest, sincere and straight forward person, then even god cannot punish you.

Don’t see the outside beauty of a person, instead, of that, see only the beauty which contain in his soul.

Guests are to be treated as gods, pay proper attention to them, by providing good service to them.

Anger is the root cause of all the sins. Hence control the anger, and become a soft and gentle person.

A knowledgeable person should never maintain friendship with the wife of his servants, since it might result in lot of chaos.

Beware of War, since it causes destruction to all, and it is considered as a sinful activity.

Our body must be treated like a temple, and it should be always kept clean.

Sometimes, success can be achieved only after facing some failures.

A person must first be good enough before he try to correct others.

The true victory can be achieved in our life is by walking on the path of righteousness.

Instead of begging food from others, we can end our life.

Everyone born on this earth must try to achieve something before his death.

A heroic death is always appreciable during the times of waging a war.

No one can act as our best friend, except our loving Lord Krishna.

Try to forget and forgive the bitter things which you might have faced in the past.

Keep strong bondage with god, in order to walk on the path of spirituality.

All the Vedas and Puranas are being created to inculcate good spiritual knowledge on our mind.

Don’t treat women just like servants. Always treat them honourably like your own mother.

Self-realisation is a must, in order to know about the god.The Lord is anxiously waiting in the heaven to take us to his kingdom, but, due to our bad nature, we are denied entry to the heaven.

The spiritual masters like the saints are the true representatives of the Lord. But some of us are not realising them fully, and ignoring them out of our own ignorance.

Never and ever commit the same mistakes again and again.

Always exchange soft and sweet words while interacting with others, then you would be always loved by the god.

Always believe that god is always good.

God never shows partiality with his creations.

Don’t get angry with the god, due to your own life failures.

Don’t try to supersede your fate since you are not allowed to change your gate, anyhow, you have to bear it fully.

A smiling face would do lot of wonders than that of a dull looking face.

Always try to live your life cheerfully, honestly, interesting and enthusiastically, then you would never get bored in your life.

Try to chant the names and sing the glories of the god as much as you can.

You cannot become a big sage just by murmuring the names of the god you have to take lot of spiritual practice, to attain oneness with the god.

Always be like a happy bird, and don’t think that you are alone in this world.

With hope, just walk a small distance by keeping the thoughts of the god, then, with his help, you could even reach his kingdom itself within a few minutes.

Helping hand is always greater than a bowing hand.

Doing service to the mankind is considered greater than doing service to the god.

Lead your life lightly then you could pass your life easily.

Don’t get attracted with things like gold, since, you must have to only consider god as the true gold.

Even you enemy would become your friend, if you keep constant faith on the god.

In the battle field, you should fight boldly without considering even about your blood related relationships, and if you are supposed to fight even with the god, just do it, without any hesitation!

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