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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

For every action of the god, there would be a valid reason behind it, and even the celestials like Devas and Gandharvas cannot escape from their misfortunes. Curses are common to the celestials, and due to the curse, the Dwarapalakas have been born as demons in their three consecutive births, Sangukarna, the divine attendant of Lord Brahma was born as Prahalada, Sudarsana Chakra was born as Karkaviryarjuna and even Ma Shakti Devi has taken birth in the form of Ma Sati and Ma Parvati.

There is a famous Shiva Temple situated in KolliMalai in Namakkal District in Tamil Nadu, and the name of the temple is Sri Arapaleeswarar temple. The main deity of this Temple is Lord Shiva, and he is known as Arapaleeswarar, which means the Lord of righteousness and justice. Ancient kings, who ruled over this place, have ruled their kingdom by following the path of righteousness, since they were believed to have been staunch devotees of Lord Arapaleeswarar.

Saivite Nayanars like Gnanasambandar and Appar have visited this temple, and sung in praise of Lord Arapaleeswarar, and Lord Shiva’s consort Ma Parvati is known in this temple as Aram ValarthaNayaki. There is a pond situated close to the temple, and providing food items to the fish in the pond is considered to be a very sacred deed.

Caves of the famous KorakkaSiddhar and Kalanginatha Siddhar are also found nearby this temple, and it is believed, that these Siddhars still visits this temple during every full moon and no moon days. In order to make a visit to the Arapaleeswarar temple and to the Akasa Ganga Falls, the pilgrims have to walk for some kilometres through their foot. We can also find some small villages and agriculture lands situated nearby this temple. Arapaleeswarar temple is believed to have been constructed before 2000 years ago. Apart from the main shrines, the statues of other deities are also available inside the temple. Though the size of the temple is medium, but, the temple is considered to be a popular one, due to the visit of the Shavite Saints before several centuries ago. Puja Shops and small tiffin shops are situated in and around the temple. Ample car parking facilities is also available nearby the temple.

At the present situation of our life, visiting of various temples alone would provide good peace of mind, and we could also spend our time more productively. KolliMalai is covered with full of natural greenery and we could also get a good adventure by visiting this holy Arappaleeswarar Temple. Some staunch devotees of Lord Shiva had even got the Darshan of the Siddhars on this KolliMalai during Amavasa and Pournami days.

Hence, let us make a divine trip to this auspicious “ARAPPALEESWARAR TEMPLE”, and let us be blessed.

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