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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

But saints, like Guru Raghavendra grants us good karmic deeds out of their own good karmas. As per the sayings of Guru Raghavendra, “I would share my accumulated punya with my devotees, who believe me sincerely. But, yet, I cannot entirely change their fate. Based on their devotion, I would make them to do sacred deeds during their life, and by the way, I could grant them Punya both from their own life account as well as from my Account. I have been granted certain special powers by my dear Lord Hari, and based on his wish I would always help my devotees, would lift them from the dark pit, and make us to breathe easily. I am dedicating my entire life towards doing service to Lord Hari as well as to my devotees. I would be able to hear the voice of those who call me even from faraway places, and I would place my hands on their heads in order to give my blessings. Even if my devotee worships me by chanting my simple Mantra, “OM SRI GURU RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA”, then I would be readily available before them, and would shower my immense blessings to them like the ocean”.

If Karmas can be transferred from one person to another, then the rich and the influential people, would harass the poor people in order to get transfer their bad karmas on to their account, and for that, they would be willing to pay even a huge sum of money from their pocket. That’s why such kind of system is not practicable in this world.
If we read the life history of Prahalada, once as per the request of Lord Indra, Prahalada had transferred his entire good karmic deeds to Indra. All of the good karmic deeds were transformed in the form of a demigod, and with a smile on his face, the demigod merged with Lord Indra. But, even after transferring his entire good karmas to Indra, Prahalada’s powers didn’t decrease, whereas it increases rapidly, and that’s why during his Guru Raghavendra Avatar, his powers didn’t diminish, even when he transfers more and more of his punya to his devotees.

From the above study, we could come to a conclusion, that instead of doing research work about the transfer of Karmas, let us fall at the holy lotus feet of the saints like Guru Raghavendra and Sri Shirdi Saibaba, in order to decrease our bad karmas, and at the same time, we could increase our good karmas.

Everybody in the world tries to attain unlimited happiness and peace, and this sort of feeling exists in the minds of everyone. We can also get immense peace of mind by watching the daily morning sun rise and the sun set in the evening from our house terrace. At this present period, due to the advanced technology, people could be able to communicate from any part in the world. But love, affection, peace and good relationship began to decrease at a tremendous speed, and majority of the people in the world are trying to find out short cut routes, in order to increase their standard of living.

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