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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas


Once, Lord Shiva had swallowed the poison HALA HALA which was emerged from the mouth of the snake Vasuki, when he was used as a rope at the time of churning of the divine ocean Parkadal. Due to that, Lord Shiva become fainted for some time, during that time, Ma Parvati took the form of Jaganmatha, affectionately placed Lord Shiva on her lap, and gently rubbed the throat of Lord Shiva, in order to remove his tiredness caused out of the snake poison.


Once, when the demon Surapadman began to harass the Devas including Lord Indra, all of them went to Mount Kailash and complained about their problem to Ma Shakti Devi. Then as per the orders given by Ma Shakti Devi, Lord Muruga got the divine spear from his mother Shakti, fought with Surapadman, killed him, and hence the devas become freed from the clutches of the cruel demon Surapadman.

God is always ready to reveal his true form before us, but, we are not interested on that, since we consider our normal routine duties as the most important ones! Earning money for our daily bread is very essential, and it is also our most important duty, as per the famous proverb, work is worship and duty is deity. But at the same point of time, worship also must be considered as a most important duty. We all must remember that we have a total of 24 hours in a day! If we think that we have enough time for involving ourselves in spirituality, then we can allocate sufficient time on that. But if we becomes lazy, and if we are interested only to allocate our time for having food, doing office work and taking rest, then no one could help us! The Famous Chola, Chera and Pandya Kings have ruled their kingdom properly and apart from that, they have shined well on their spiritual career also. If they have got enough time to take care of their kingdom as well as to take care of the spiritual related activities, then why can’t we?

God would never find any differentiation on his devotees like rich and poor. Whoever worships him whole heartedly would be considered as his true devotees. The 16th century Kerala woman, Ma Kururamma had got the golden opportunity of having the great Lord Krishna himself as her son! She was able to attain this, due to her selfless and sincere bhakti on Lord Krishna, and the great Lord Krishna used to appear before her in child form, sit on her lap, and also used to crawl on the floor of the small home of Kururamma. Even the great kings, scholars and saints have praised her and worshipped her by considering her to be one of the finest devotees of Lord Krishna.

In fact, the presence of Lord Krishna is everywhere, and even he might sit next to us, and would keep watching us. But due to our negligence and ignorance, we are unable to see his beautiful face. If at all, we find sufficient time for gossips and murmurs, then why can’t we allocate some time to realize the significance of Lord Krishna? At this Kali Yuga, worship is only considered as the most important activity, which would help us to cross from our endless life cycles, and it would also help us to get the divine darshan of Lord Krishna at one point or other point of time in our life.

Hence let us pray to Lord Krishna to show his wonderful divine vision at least once during our life time.

Similar to our child Krishna, the great Bhakta Prahalada had also performed childhood plays and miracles even at the age of five! But since those incidents were found very rarely in some ancient Bhakti books, most of us are not aware of that. I have got the golden opportunity to read that book from a library, hence by considering it as my important duty, now, I am writing about it.

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