Hinduism is highly Tolerant religion

Actually Hinduism is really a highly tolerable religion. Those who comments wrongly about our precious Hindu deities, are not given sufficient punishment, but they are regarded as the “CELEBRATED HEROES”, and “CELEBRATED HEROINES”, by some of the other religious people, and they are also given warm welcome by some political parties also.

Recently a respectful Madam, who is a film maker and a director and who is supposedly to take a Tamil picture, has affixed a hoarding in Chennai, and in that, one woman who portrays the character of Ma Kali Devi is seen in the form of smoking posture.

Continuously some people who belong to other religions are insulting the beliefs and faith of the Hindus, and so far, no proper judicial action was taken against them!Likewise if Hindus also began to comment badly about the religious sentiments and beliefs of other religions, would they be left alive by other religious people?

Since some people consider our Hindus as the weaker sections of the society, they keep on doing like that, and they are also not realising their mistakes! Recently, an innocent tailor has been killed by some Muslims, since he has extended his support in the social Media to a person who has expressed her own views about the respectful great Islamic Founder Prophet Mohammed.

Our Hindus and our Hindu deities are being continuously targeted by some miscreants, and they find great happiness in spoiling the significance of our Holy Hinduism and our Holy Deities. Some political leaders are finding fault with our Sanatana Dharma, by telling that in our Hinduism, lot of caste differences are there. At present, most of the people are not seeing the caste of others, and in fact, only the lower class of people are getting lot of government benefits than that of other classes of people!If strict action was taken against those, who were once hit the picture of our beloved deity Rama with slippers then at the present situation, no one would open their mouth in order to express bad views about our Hindu deities. But since our Holy Hinduism and our Holy Hindus are considered as highly tolerable, they would bear any types of harsh comments put up on our wonderful gods and goddesses.

As per the famous proverb, “SADHU MIRANDAL KADU KOLLADU”, once if an innocent person gets angry, he would set fire to the entire world. Hence based on the above proverb, let us be active with burning fire on our body, and let us safeguard our holy Sanatana Dharma and our precious Hindu deities from the clutches of the so-called revolutionists, by adopting the path of non-violence.


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