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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

Saibaba has spent his entire twelve years along with his Guru only on a pit, and he used to come out from the pit, only occasionally for the purpose of gathering food and water for him and his Guru. As per the wordings of Sri Saibaba, his Guru, Sri Venkusa used to appear only in a half-dressed state, but he contains a smiling face. He used to wear only dhoti, and would never wear clothes on the upper portion of his body. He contains merciful eyes, and he used to always keep chanting the divine Rama Mantra, “JAI SRI RAMA”. Venkusa also insisted his disciple Saibaba to celebrate the “SRI RAMA NAVAMI FESTIVAL”, in a grand manner in his future life. That’s why after becoming a permanent resident of Shirdi, Saibaba began to regularly celebrate the “SRIRAMA NAVAMI FESTIVAL”, in a grand manner. And sometimes, he used to offer the holy Prasad of Lord Rama to the devotees from his own hands.

Sri Venkusa is also considered to be an aspect of god, and he used to affectionately call Saibaba as “OH MY DEAR BETA”, which means my affectionate son.

It is also believed that after the completion of his life time, due to his highly meditative powers, Sri Venkusa had attained salvation. We can also worship the great Saint Venkusa along with Sri ShirdiSai Baba by chanting his Mantra, “OM SRI VENKUSAINATHAYA NAMAHA”.

Reading of quotes from our holy epics would really boost up our spiritual energy and it would act like a refreshing energy tonic.

Some of the best quotes from Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavatham are as follows:-

Grief destroys entire thing hence develop lot of confidence within yourself.

Time is the deciding factor, time alone gives joyfulness and time alone reduce our sufferings.

Truth is the great dharma.

Destroy the five evils: lust, anger, enmity, fear and greed.

Only our mind decides everything, hence, always keep your mind strong, and don’t let unwanted things to enter in your mind.

The most poisonous serpent is only our tongue since with this tiny object we would be able to do both good as well as bad things.

A woman must properly respect her husband, since in his absence,she cannot happily live.

Life is not permanent for mortals since every human being is subject to depart from this earth on one day.

Happiness and sorrowsare to be considered equally, since nobody could enjoy only happiness in this world.

Humans must come out from the dream world, since things which appear in the dream would not come in their real life.

If a person gifts anything, he must do it whole heartedly, or otherwise he would not get any satisfaction in gifting things to others.

A person’s conduct and character determines his entire life.

Humanity, Generosity and adjustability must be adopted in order to become a good personality.

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