Nakshatras in Hindu Dharma | Divine Stars in Hinduism

We can see the wonderful appearance of the stars in the sky from our terrace and from our balcony. Some stars shines brighter than others, and it seems to look closer to our eyes, though stars are very much distanced from the earth. Stars are formed before several millions of years, and they exist during the formation of the sun and the moon.

The 27 daughters of Lord Daksha Prajapati, the mind born son of Lord Brahma, had become stars and were married with Lord Chandra Bhagavan. Dhuruva was a Prince, who has become a star, due to his severe penance on Lord Vishnu.

According to the Puranas, Dhuruva Star contains super natural powers than that of Lord Chandra, Surya and other Stars and Navagrahas. Through his powers only, the entire planets and stars are able to discharge their duties properly. He can be considered as a king among the sky gods. We would have heard from the newspapers and magazines that long time back, some stars were fallen down from the sky. This was happened, since their duration in the star world had ended.

Some stars would be having only a certain period of duration and it will appear in the sky only till such period, and afterwards it would fall down from the sky, similar to our death. Afterwards, either it would reach the other divine world, or otherwise would be born as a mortal in the earth.

Some stars are controlled by Lord Chandra, Lord Surya and by Lord Indra. But the pious Dhuruva star functions independently, and cannot be commanded by others. Dhuruva Loka is a big star world, and only the persons who have done good karmic deeds can reach the divine loka and can live happily and peacefully.

In order to become a star or to reach the star world, we have to do lot of good karmic deeds like worshipping the god regularly by chanting his names, mantras and doing meditation on him, and also we have to do lot of social service works also.

Hence let us always do good things in our life in order to reach the divine star world.

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