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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

Most of us are aware, that Prahalada was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu from his childhood, and he was able to attain this type of pure bhakti, since during his previous birth, he has served in the Divine World, Brahma Loka, as a sincere divine attendant to Lord Brahma, in the name of ShankuKarna, and he used to daily pluck fragrant flowers from the earth for the purpose of adorning it to the deity of Lord Vishnu at the Satya Loka. Due to that, Prahalad had kept great faith and bhakti on Lord Vishnu, even while he stays at his mother’s womb itself. Prahalada though he had suffered from several tortures from the hands of his father, Hiranyakasipu, yet, he kept strong faith and bhakti on Lord Vishnu, and he got the knowledge of penning bhakti songs on Vishnu even at his childhood itself. He also used to sing Vishnu songs with his sweet voice, and also propagated the Vishnu bhakti among his fellow-friends while he was undergoing education under the sons of his Guru Sukhracharya.

Similar to Lord Krishna, our Prahalada was very fond of cows, and he used to handle them very softly, politely and gently. While little Krishna was very fond of eating butter and butter made items, Young Prahalada likes honey and honey made items. While his fellow-demon friends consumed cow’s meat, he has advised them not to consume the meat of the holy animal cow, and also stopped cow slaughtering in his kingdom. While his friends used to eat food made out of various meat items, the little Prahalada consumed only vegetarian food by considering it is as a Sattvic and gentle food.

At the age of five, Prahalada appeared like a small Deva, and he looked very handsome similar to our sweet child Krishna. Prahalada during his teenage had also killed some wicked demons, when they tried to molest the beautiful ladies who belonged to the Kingdom of heaven. Prahalada also killed few demons when those demons tried to kill some strangers in order to consume their meat. After that, Prahalada welcomed the strangers to his kingdom and even after knowing that those strangers were belonged to some other country, without considering that, Prahalada had made them to comfortably stay at his palace for a few days.
The little Prahalada also challenged Lord Indra to fight with him, when Indra came in the form of a big bull in order to cause injury on his body. Prahalada kicked hardly on the bull with his lotus hands, and with a great noise, Indra has transformed into his original form, sought apology to Prahalada and went to his abode, the Indra Loka.

Prahalada also killed his wicked aunt Holika, by making her to fall on the fire, and that day is celebrated as the “AUSPICIOUS HOLI FESTIVAL”. Likewise lot of wonderful incidents are associated in the life of Prahalada, but most of the incidents are not brought to the notice of the devotees of Prahalada, and my very purpose of writing this article is to explain at least few of the incidents happened in the life of Prahalada, in order to make the devotees of Prahalada to get satisfied.

It is highly impossible to transfer our karmas to others yet rarely it was happened during ancient period, between blood relationships, like father giving some of his life time to his son, in order to save his son from death, mother granting life to her children like that. But at the present point of time, it is very difficult to do like that.

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