Sthala Purana | History of a Temple, Story of the Origin

Sthala Purana refers to the historical significance and the holiness of the region in which it is situated. Usually, the term “Sthala Purana refers to the history of the temple and it covers the origin and developments of the temple, and about its repairs, maintenance and renovation works etc.” A Sthala Purana offers detailed information […]

Sthala Teertha | Sacred Water Ponds in Temples

Sthala Teertha also known as Temple tanks and as Temple Ponds are the sacred water storage areas, which would be mostly situated nearby the temples, and in fact, these Sthala Teerthas are considered to be more sacred than that of its related temples! As per ancient traditions and customs, devotees are supposed to take bath […]

Why do Divine Avatars differ from each other

WHY DO THE DIVINE AVATARS DIFFER FROM EACH OTHER! Our worshipful divine avatars differ from each other! If we take Lord Narasimha and Parasurama, though they are the two wonderful avatars of Lord Vishnu, yet, Narasimha is worshipped as powerful deity and lot of temples are also dedicated to him, whereas, only a few temples […]

Beauty of Nature

Amarnath Shivalingam 28 June 2014

Actually what is nature? Nature is the expression of the beautiful location of the trees, forest, rivers, seas, ponds, lakes, mountains and rain! Nature cannot be limited, since even a dry desert can be described as a beautiful one, if we see it in the right perspective! Nature can also be described as a god, […]

Sanatana Dharma is Janardhana Dharma

SANATANA DHARMA IS JANARDHANA DHARMA (ALL ARE EQUAL) Sanatana Dharma is Janarthana Dharma, that is the Dharma adopted by Lord Krishna, and according to Lord Krishna, all are equal, and he considered everyone as alike, and he is apart from caste, creed, community, gender and religion. Lord Krishna gave respect even to his servants and […]

Mantharai Leaves

Mantharai plant is a medicinal plant which is used to treat various diseases, and these leaves produce good aroma, especially when the famous snacks items like Onion Pakodas, Vadas, Bajiis and Bondas are packed with these leaves. Curd rice packed with these leaves, produces world class taste, when it is being served hot! It is […]

Pathinis & Pathivrathas

At this present period, whenever we write an article about Pathnis and Pathivirathais (Chaste women) we should be very careful! And that’s why I didn’t want to compare ancient women with the present day women in a detailed manner, since changes are always constant! In this article, just I have mentioned only about the present […]

Raghavendra Mrittika | Sacred Sand of Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Guru Raghavendra Swamy is a holy saint of Mantralayam and though he had attained Jeeva Samadhi before 350 years, still now he is blessing his devotees from his Samadhi shrine at Mantralayam, and he also fulfills their reasonable needs and removes the difficulties in their lives. Similar to the sacred ash of Lord Shiva, the […]

Gopi Chandan Tilak

Gopi Chandan Tilak would be usually applied by Madhwa Brahmins, by the devotees of Lord Krishna, and also by the Kannada speaking Hindu community people. The great Saint, Sri Madhwacharya used to apply the Gopi Chandan regularly, and similarly, his followers, the madhwas, also regularly apply it in their foreheads and also in some parts […]

Venkateshwara Swamy | God of 7 Holy Rivers

Lord Venkateswara Swamy, who is the protection deity of the entire universe, and the Lord of the seven Hills, is also popularly known as the “LORD OF THE SEVEN HOLY RIVERS”. As per legend, when Lord Vishnu took the form of Lord Venkateswara, and sat down at the present Tirumala, under an ant-hill, the seven […]

Why Gods wear Sacred Thread

Bali vamana story

Sacred thread is not meant to be worn only by the Brahmins. People who belong to Vysya and Vishwakarma group are also used to wear the sacred thread. Since the sacred thread closely relates with the Vedas, and since all the deities contain to be the form of Vedas, most of the deities in our […]

Lets Stay Away from Bad people

Let’s stay far away from the company of bad people, in order to avoid unnecessary problems in our life. As per the famous proverb in Tamil, “Dushtanai Kandaal Doora Vilagu”, whenever you see the face of the bad people, immediately separate yourself from them. Bad people are to be considered only as bad ones, and […]

God is not our Servant

God is not our Servant. Yes. Of course, god is not our servant, and he can be considered only as our perfect divine master. Though for his true devotees like Kuchela, he acts as their servant, yet in our case, the great almighty must always be treated as our Universal Master. Whenever we offer our […]

Jai Kali Ma

Ma Shakti Devi is the holy mother Parvati Devi, and she is the consort of Lord Shiva. She is worshipped in various forms like Ma Kali, Ma Durga, Ma Bhairavi and Ma Prithyangira Devi by various sects of people. The great saint Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has praised Ma Kali Devi, and it is believed that […]

Forget Diseases, Remember God

Let us forget about our dreaded diseases, and at the same time, let us keep remembering the god always! Even if we take proper medicines, yet, some types of diseases cannot be healed by anyone, including the famous doctors, and hence instead of keep worrying about that, let us forget about our diseases, and let […]

Parrot in Hindu Dharma | Vehicle of Kamadev, Shuka Maharshi, Meenakshi Devi

Parrots are lovely birds, and they are strongly associated with Hinduism. Lord Kamadeva also called as Manmadha (Kamadev) and his vehicle is a parrot, the great Shuka Maharishi contains parrot head and Mata Meenakshi Amman at Madurai is holding a parrot in her right hand. Parrots are used for astrology purposes also, and generally the […]

Lets Fix the image of God on our soul

Lets Fix the image of God on our soul… Let’s fix the image of the deities like Murugan, Krishna, Ayyappa, Vinayaka, Shakti, Shiva and Vishnu on our soul, in order to develop more bhakti, to get rid from worldly illusions and also to develop more memory powers. This method would also help us to avoid […]

Decorate Deities Pictures with Colourful Lamps

Let’s decorate the deity pictures with colourful lamps, like the one, which was photographed by me from my puja room, and attached with this article. Similar to decorating our children with colourful shirts and pants, let’s also concentrate some attention to decorate the great almighty. Daily during evening at least for a few hours, let’s […]

Committing Suicide is a Sinful Act

We must realise that committing suicide is a sinful act, not only from the eyes of the law, but also it is considered as a sinful act from the eyes of the god also! This can be better known by reading the Holy Bhagavat Gita. Lord Krishna during his Bhagavat Gita recitation tells to Arjuna, […]