Krishna and Rama

Both Lord Krishna and Lord Rama are considered as the favourite gods among the Hindu householders, and most of the parents would tell stories about Rama and Krishna to their children during their night time, and also during the time of eating their food. The names of the divine avatars would be recited by the […]

Our Actions and God’s Reactions

Daily we are reading in newspapers and TV Channels that some people are unnecessarily torturing the people, and also sometimes they are killing the people. Apart from that, we are hearing the news about suicidal deaths, deaths due to fire accidents and death caused by enemies. Whenever we read the news from the media, we […]

Divine Owner

God is the owner of all of our belongings, whether it may be a house, car, fridge, television, washing machine etc. He is the true divine owner, who has let out all these things to us for some time in our life time. After the passage of time, and after our death, by the wishes […]

Harikatha (Harikatha Kaalakshepam)

Harikatha in simple terms means “Story of Lord” and itis also a form of regional discourses in which the storyteller used to narrate the incidents based on the life of a saint or a story from an Indian epic. The person telling the story through songs, music and using his facial gestures is called as […]

Pleasing the Deities | Pacifying the Gods | Offerings to deities

We can please the divine deities by offering them various things. But we must do it with pure bhakti and with selflessness. Even breaking the coconuts in the temples of Lord Vinayaka is a kind of pleasing activity, since the elephant god is very much interested in coconut breaking. Doing Archanai, Abhishekham and applying the […]

Surrendering to God

33 crore gods in Hinduism

Whenever, if we cannot find solutions to our problems, we must have to immediately surrender ourselves into the holy feet of the almighty. We should not hesitate in doing that. We are all the human beings born in this earth, and god has created us for some purpose only. We must have to utilize our […]

Govind Das, a Freedom Figher

Govind Das (1896–1974) was a great freedom fighter and an able politician. He was born in a rich merchant family in Jabalpur in the year 1896. Das was interested in spiritual and political affairs, and travelled in both the paths. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram, and used to pray to him for […]

Birth & Death – Activity of Karma

Birth and death is a recurring activity in this world, and there is no end for our life cycle. After struggling for many years in this difficult earth, finally one day we are losing our life from the clutches of the death Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja. No one can escape from the great Lord Yama. […]

Indian Army Soldiers

Indian army soldiers are considered as the most important people, since they are protecting our country from enemy invasion, from terrorist’s movements and from illegal migrants. They are acting as the backbone of India, and bringing pride for our country. Most of the teenagers in India are interested to join in our Indian army, and […]

Jackal in Hindu Scriptures | Vehicle of Mata Chamunda

Jackal is considered as the divine vehicle of Mata Chamunda, an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. In some pictures, Mata Kali also appears with her divine vehicle jackal. Jackals though are wild animals, but are considered as very clever animals, and they would mostly live in the forest and in burial grounds. As per Shiva […]

Nanda Kishore Bal

Nanda Kishore Bal (1875–1928), was an Indian poet and contains good knowledge in divine scriptures. He was born in a village in the Cuttack district of Odisha. His birth name was Rasananda Jena. His aunt showered her love and affection with him, and he was brought up under her care and he was named as […]

Old Age People

People’s last stage of life is old age. Some people would peacefully spend their old age, along with their wife and children, whereas some people would suffer from poverty, since getting a job after 60 is very difficult. Nowadays rich people prefer to spend their life in luxurious retirement homes along with their spouse. They […]

Rabbits in Hindu Scriptures

Rabbits are lovely mammals and are considered as worshipful creatures. In the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna loved rabbits, similar to cows, and showed his great affection on them. Rabbits are mentioned in ancient Puranas and in holy texts, and they are considered as the pet animals for most of the sages. They used to wander […]

Suki Sivam

Suki Sivam is a popular speaker, writer and a Tamil Scholar. He used to participate in TV programmes. He was the Kalaimamani awardee for his contributions towards Tamil and for spreading the bhakti spirit in the minds of the people. His discourses on Bhakti texts are very simple to understand, and he contains good knowledge […]

Police in Coronavirus Pandemic Times

The police are the group of persons, and they are given sufficient powers by the state governments, to enforce the law and order situation, to protect the people from thieves and from harmful elements, to act as a friend for the people, to attend them quickly in case of emergencies and to make the people […]

Parrot in Hindu Dharma | Vehicle of Kamadev, Shuka Maharshi, Meenakshi Devi

Parrots are lovely birds, and they are strongly associated with Hinduism. Lord Kamadeva also called as Manmadha (Kamadev) and his vehicle is a parrot, the great Shuka Maharishi contains parrot head and Mata Meenakshi Amman at Madurai is holding a parrot in her right hand. Parrots are used for astrology purposes also, and generally the […]

Peacock in Hinduism | Vehicle of Subrahmanya Swamy

Lord Subramanya

The Peacocks are beautiful birds, and lives in the dense forests, bird sanctuaries and zoo. They are mentioned in Hindu Puranas, Vedas and ancient texts, and peacock is the divine vehicle of Lord Muruga. Peacocks are lovable creatures, who would give best fortunes in our life. By hearing its voice, and by seeing the dance, […]

Elephant in Hinduism | Ganesha, Gajendra Moksha, Airavata

Elephants are considered as holy animals, and they would be found in temples, zoos and forests. Though they are classified as wild animals, in general, they would not harm others. Only if they get some problem in their physical or mental health, they would try to attack others. Elephants are considered as the divine incarnations […]

Teachers in Hindu Dharma

Teachers are our Gurus, and they taught us various good things in our life, apart from the regular study subjects. Next to our parents, they are taking care of us properly, and worrying about our future also. Sometimes they may punish us, in order to get betterment in our studies. In ancient times, teachers would […]

Doctors’ work during Coronavirus pandemic

Doctors are our life saving saviours, and they are very helpful to the society. Doctors work tirelessly and they are helping us to recover from various diseases. They are putting their full efforts to reduce our sufferings, and also postponing our deaths also. Due to the advancement in the field of science, medicine and technology, […]