Tonsure | Head Tonsuring in Temples

Tonsure is the practice of removing the hair on our head. Usually tonsuring would be done by the people in the temples after their wishes getting fulfilled. Tonsure would also be done by the people who suffer from severe dandruff on their hair. If we mentioned the word Tonsure, immediately we would remember tonsuring done […]

Tulabharam | Famous Ritual in Temples

Tulabharam is an act of giving one’s weight’s equivalent in gold, fruit, sugar, rice or other grains, to the almighty. It is a famous ritual that was followed in many temples and also in Mutts like Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, and this system was in practice since the previous Dwapara Yuga. Tulabharam is done in […]

Mongoose in Hinduism

Mongooses are very good mammals, who would be usually found in the forests, and they are considered as the worshipful creatures in Hinduism. Compared with foxes and wolves, Mongooses are very kind animals, and they never harm us. They can be tamed and even brought up in our homes, but according to wild life Act, […]

First Vahanam of Lord Muruga

Prior to having peacock as his Vehicle, Goat is believed to be the First Vahanam of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga was born from the third eye spark of Lord Shiva, in order to kill the powerful demon Surapadma. In order to prove his powers, Lord Muruga playfully fought with Lord Indra and other Devas and […]

Worship is never a waste

Our sincere worship to the almighty would never go waste. It would act as a protective shield and would safeguard us in difficult circumstances. Worshipping the god is recommended in all the religions, and Christians have to compulsorily visit the churches and must attend the prayer. Similarly Muslims are doing worship for five times a […]

Wolves in Hinduism | Wolf in Hindu Scriptures

Wolves are rarely mentioned in Hinduism. As per the holy text Bhagavata, Lord Krishna, in order to make the people of Vraja to shift them to Vrindavana, created a lot of terrible wolves from his body, which created fear in the minds of the people of Vraja and hence, they shifted to Vrindavana, as per […]

Significance of Black Colour

Largest Shani statue at Yerdanur Sangareddy

Lot of significance are there by wearing the black coloured dress.First, black colour dress would chase away the evil spirits, and gives confidence to us.It also protect us from our enemies, since black colour dress is favourite dress for guardian gods like Muneeswarar, and Lord Shaneeswarar’s favourite is black coloured dress. Lord Ayyappa devotees would […]

Significance of Wearing Nose Ring in Hinduism

In general, wearing of nose rings is considered as an ancient practice in India. Wearing of nose rings is considered as a good act, and most of the women believe, that by wearing the holy nose rings, their lives and their life partner’s lives would go stronger. In Hinduism, in some communities, the nose ring […]

Importance of Saffron Cloth in Hindu Dharma

Saffron clothes also known as Kaavi in Tamil are usually worn by sages, saints and by the Vedic scholars. Saffron colour represents purity, and it is considered as the best colour, which suits the wise and learned people of all ages. These types of clothes were worn by the ancient rishis, since they consider these […]

Saints are more Powerful than God

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Saints are considered as more powerful than the almighty. They act as an intermediary between us and the almighty, and in times of troubles, then would come forward and would hug us similar to our affectionate mother. Saints have been appointed by the deities in order to act as a guide for us, to remove […]

Amulet in Hinduism | Thayathu | Taweez | Good Luck Charm

An amulet also known as Thayathu in Tamil, is a metal object, used for the treatment of patients, children, women and those who suffer from evil spirits, which took possession on their body, problems from black magic, and for getting rid from enemy related problems etc. This amulet would be given by the astrologers or […]

Watch Eyes of God whenever you are in Trouble

Whenever we are in any trouble, we can watch the eyes of the almighty, in order to at least temporarily get relieved from our problems. Ma Shakti Devi is popular known as thousand eyed goddess, and she is worshipped as Ayiram Kannathal, in some temples in Tamil Nadu. During Navaratri festival days, Ma Durga’s Eyes […]

Why Hindu Women wear Anklets | Significance of Anklets in Hinduism

An anklet, also called as Kolusu in Tamil, is a type of ornament worn by the ladies, around their ankle. Anklets are worn by the females since Vedic times. Anklets would be made out of gold and silver, and it is considered as a sacred ornament mainly wore by the ladies during the time of […]

Chariot | Ratham | Ratha

rukmini krishna story

A chariot is a type of ancient vehicle, driven by an experienced charioteer, with the help of well trained horses in order to travel from one place to another. Chariots were used by the armies during the times of battles, and ancient kings used to travel using a sophisticated golden chariot. During the Kurukshetra war, […]

Caste System Ancient India

In Ancient India that is before 3000 years, people were classified based on their castes. Four main types of classes are mentioned: Brahmins, they would usually serve as priests in the temples, and they would also act as wise gurus to the kings and the learned people. Kshatriyas would serve as warriors, kings and ministers, […]

Rudra Sampradaya

Vishnuswami was a saint and the founder of the Rudra Sampradaya. He was born in a wealthy family, and he belongs to Brahmin community. The Rudra Sampradaya is based on the Vaishnava Sampradaya, who mainly worships Lord Vishnu and his avatars as the supreme deities. According to Rudra Sampradaya, Lord Shiva had got the divine […]

Nimbarka Sampradaya (Hamsa Sampradaya)

The Nimbarka Sampradaya also popularly known as the Hamsa Sampradaya, is a Vaishnava Sampradaya. It was founded by Sri Nimbarka, a 7th century saint, and this sampradaya is based on dvaita and advaita philosophies. The teachings of this sampradaya are based on becoming a part of the god, and not becoming a part of the […]

Spiritual Advisors

A spiritual advisor is a person who is well versed in spiritual matters,performs routine meditation on the god, and the one who is capable of showing the spiritual path to the people. A spiritual advisor would give good guidance on spirituality and offer valuable suggestions to his clients. Spiritual advisors are mostly needed by the […]

Spiritual Bondage

Spiritual bondage means, “Binding ourselves with the thoughts on the almighty, and becoming his permanent slave.” In general, if we use the word bondage for some other things like labour bondage or business bondage, it does not taste good. Whereas, if we use the word Spiritual bondage, our hearts would be filled up with full […]

God would never Cheat us

Unlike humans, god would never cheat us. In fact, he would be like our true friend, would safeguard our belongings, and would never make us to shiver at any point of time. But if we plan to make any offerings to the almighty, we must do it after getting our prayers answered. Or otherwise the […]