Life after Death in Hinduism

Generally each and every human being would think about their life after death? Whether they are rich or poor, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, that doesn’t matter, but some time or other time, definitely they would think about that, since no one can escape from the hands of the death god, Lord Yama Dharma […]

Importance of Temple Deities Worship

Visiting and worshipping the deities in the temples is common among the people all over the world. Many people would think that if god resides in my heart, why I have to go to the temples and offer worship to him? The main reason for visiting the temples is to get some pleasant adventure, and […]

Gods’ Creations as per Hindu Dharma

God’s creations are considered as very beautiful, magnificent and marvellous. He has started his creation work before several millions of years, and we have crossed several stages of our life, like plants, insects, birds, mammals, animals and finally as a human being. According to Hinduism, it is believed, that we have to cross several lakhs […]

Holy Trees in Hinduism | Puja Trees

Trees are considered as holy things by the Hindu People, and they worship it as their favourite god and goddess. In ancient Puranas also, holy trees plays a significant role. And some gods are also related with trees, like Lord Vinayaka is related with Arasa Maram, also known as Peepal tree in English. Generally Lord […]

Divine Flowers for Puja | Importance of Flowers in Hinduism

Among god’s several creations, flowers are considered as the most beautiful thing, and it is auspicious, and used to decorate the deities of the gods and goddesses. Without the presence of flowers, there would be no puja performance to the deities. Each and every flower holds a special significance and must be chosen based on […]

Dharma, the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ Daily Life

Dharma is the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ daily life. The most widely used word “Dharma” is not exactly definable. But broadly, it can be said to connote righteous duties, Divine ordinances, customary usage, certain ideals before mankind, justice, equity, good conduct or morality. It is commonly understood that those who follow it are bound to […]

Spirituality in Daily Life

To men who never rise higher than eating, drinking, begetting progeny, and dying, the only gain is in sense-enjoyments; and they must wait and go through many more births and reincarnations to learn to feel even the faintest necessity for anything higher. But those to whom the eternal interests of the soul are of much […]

Guru Bhakti | Devotion to Guru

Guru Shishya in Vedic Times

Intense devotion to one’s guru and faithful adherence to his teachings are the most essential qualifications of true discipleship. It is this Shraddha, faith, and Gurubhakti, devotion to guru, that bring about rapid spiritual progress and fruition of one’s Sadhana. A disciple without devotion to his guru is like a flower without fragrance, a well […]

Importance of Hindu Dharma | Sanatana Dharma

Hindu Dharma cultivates spiritual values and morale among fellow human beings. It is the religion which implements worship of idol as god and doing good to the living beings such as offering various danams to poor people such as annadanam, vastradanam, kanyadanam, grahadanam and vidyadanam. Idol worship is practicable in Hindu Dharma. This is due […]

Dharma of Brahmins

1. All Brahmins have to understand their Dharma and follow it to the best of their ability. 2. A Brahmin should not sleep at dawn and dusk 3. We should definitely do ‘Sandhya Vandhanam’ which is a daily  ritual 4. Men should  do rituals wearing a white dhothi and white upper cloth.They should not wear coloured cloth […]

Thamboolam | Offering Thamboolam in Puja

Thamboolam (Tambula) is the combined name which is normally given to Betel leaf and Betel nut. It is believed  that the goddesses Parvathi, Lakshmi  and Saraswathi in live in betel leaf, it was being chewed by males  and females for getting a great super feeling. Women also  used to do it for making their lip colour red. It […]

Brahmins Gothras | 1 Pravara Gothras, 2 Pravara Gothras, 3 Pravara Gothas, 5 Pravara Gothras

Number of more than 400 Brahmin  gothras along with pravara  Rishis … Wikipedia  on list of Gothras mentions that there  are  46 Gothras among Brahmins. I once personally did  a  survey of Tamil  Brahmin Gothras and found  that most of the tamil Brahmins belong to 51 Gothras. So  I was taken aback   to see  in a book  in tamil  published by Smt.Uma Hariharan, which has been approved by Kanchi Kamakoti mutt […]

Widow Remarriage is not Prohibited in Hinduism…

A woman who is married and has become bereft of marriage status throught desertion, widowhood etc.. can be taken back to the parental gothram or any other gothram.. and the lady can be termed as punarbhoo .. and can once again be gifted back.. the procedure is the same a the marriage originally. Of course, […]

Garbhadhana Samskara

Garbhadhana Samskara is the first Samskara among 16 Sanskar in approved Hindu Dharma Scriptures. After entering into a social and worldly life, this Garbhadhana Samskara is performed. It is followed immediately on every matrimonial union. Mostly, on the first night of marriage is ceremonially performed. Garbhadhana marks the seed for best generation. It is performed […]

Swami Vivekananda, beacon light to Youth

Swami Vivekananda is the beacon light to Youth. A combination of physical strength, moral purity, mental discipline and of a higher plane will help a person to succeed in his life. The ideal before him, particularly for the youth, should be to develop these qualities and adhere to spiritual values. If one is keep on cultivating […]

Manifestations of Divine love (Meerabai & Krishna)


Devotion to God flowers onto several verities. Among this who wish to discord worldly pleasures and reach God’s abode, some treat with reverence, wondering whether He is approachable at all. There are mystical personalities who place themselves as brides and the Lord as the bridegroom and display their concern of remaining separated, ever craving for […]

Seemantham, Seemanthonayan Sanskar (Godhbharai)

Seemantham, Seemanthonayan Sanskar (Godhbharai), Srimantham or Simantkaran Samskara is the 3rd of 16 Sanskaras (Solah Sanskar) in Hindu Dharma. The main objective of Seemantham is to get Saubhagya (long life of husband) and to prevent premature abortion and to protect the pregnant mother along with the growth of the child in the womb. In South […]

16 Hindu Samskaras

The Samskaras, are a series of rituals and sacrifices that mark the various states of the human’s life. Starting from Garbhadhana Samskara till the Antyeshti Samskara, each and every Samskara represents a stage of the human’s life. Solah Samskaras are significantly performed in Brahmins communities. As per the scriptures, Dvija (twice-born – Brahmins) are essentially […]

Significance of Nammazhwar (Nammalwar)

What is the significance of Nammazhwar (Nammalwar)? Anything associated with Sri Narayana is pleasing to the Azhwars and anything unrelated to Him is disliked by them. The Lord, who wants humanity to have the benefit of Nammazhwar’s Tiruvoimozhi, chose not to grant his request to be freed from Agnana, Karma, and the mortal coil, till he […]