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Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas


Once Ma Shakti Devi created Ma Kali Devi out of her super natural powers in order to destroy various dreaded demons like Tarakesura, Ma Kali had taken fierce form and destroyed the demon Tarakesura along with his demon army.


Ma Shakti Devi had incarnated as Parvati, and she was brought up by King Himavan and Ma Mena. After performing penance on Lord Shiva for several years in the Holy Mountain Himalayas, she had got married with Lord Shiva, and the divine marriage was witnessed by millions and millions of gods, demi-gods, sages, famous kings and by the devotees of Shiva and Shakti.


Once a demon named Marasura had performed severe penance on Lord Brahma, and as a result, Brahma had given several powerful boons to him. After getting the boons, the demon Marasura began to harass the entire universe with his tremendous powers. In order to put an end to the evil demon, Ma Shakti Devi took the form of Maha Mariamman fought with demon Marasura and killed him.


Once the great sage Mathanga had undergone severe penance on Ma Shakti Devi, and as a result, Ma Shakti Devi took birth in the name of Mathangi, and with great love and affection, Rishi Mathanga had considered her as his daughter, took the divine child to his ashram, and taken care of her in a proper manner.


Once a powerful demon Pandasur began to torture Lord Indra and also destroyed the Yagnasperformed by the sages. After knowing about the evil acts of the demon from Rishi Narad, Ma Shakti Devi took the (Viswaroopa Form) full form, and destroyed Pandasur, and from henceforth she began to be known as Ma Adiparashakti.


Once Lord Brahma became so tired in doing his creation work, hence as per the instructions of Lord Vishnu, he began to do severe penance on Ma Shakti Devi, and with her great mercy, Brahma became very energetic and began to start doing his creation work in a full-fledged manner, and from then onwards, Ma Shakti Devi began to be known as Ma Akilandakoti Brahmanda Nayaki.


Once Lord Vishnu also wanted to take various avatars like Ma Shakti Devi, and hence he performed rigorous meditation on the holy mother. Pleased with the devotion of Lord Vishnu, Ma Shakti Devi had appeared before him, and granted necessary powers to Lord Vishnu in order to take various avatars, similar to her.

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