Sita buried herself in the Earth, does this mean she committed suicide?

Sita buried herself in the Earth, does this mean she committed suicide?

No, it is not committing suicide. Ramayana, Mahabharata are all written as poems. Also, the only materia medica (medical substance) that is written in poetry form is Ayurveda.
In Ayurveda all the formulas are written as poems.

In the same way, Ramayana and Mahabharata are written as poems. In poetic language we must know that, when it says that they became one with the Earth, it means, they have completed their journey on this planet; they became one with the linga.

When someone dies here in Karnataka, they say, they became one with the linga. So poetic language is very different.

Recently they have discovered a new Bible written some 1500-1800 years ago. It’s written in gold on a copper plate. They found it near Turkey. It is a very different version that will shock the world. What they have written is much different than the belief that people have today. Scholars are still doing research on it.

Similarly, originally when Mahabharata was written, it was only 25,000 verses. It was called Jaya. Jaya was the name of the Mahabharata. Today, we have 1,25,000 verses. We don’t know how these 1,00,000 words were added to it.
Interpolation happened sometime in the Middle Ages. They started putting things into it.

All that we need to do is take pride of the past and move ahead into the future. The heart longs for the past, but the mind always want new things.

Mind says, something new, the latest. What is the latest model? What is the latest design? What is the latest food? What is the latest fashion? What is the latest technology? Mind wants something that is new, but heart wants something old. You don’t say, ‘This is my latest friend.’ You take pride in saying, ‘This is my old friend’. The heart wants to take pride in the old, ‘My old friend.’
When people fall in love with someone, they say, ‘May be we have been in love for many births’.
You take pride in old friendship. The heart longs for the old, mind goes for new and life is a combination of both, old and new.

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s satsang at Art of Living.

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