Gods are ‘Watching’ Us

As per our Veda Shastras, it was mentioned that, our each and every act is being meticulously watched by the demigods and goddesses. These minor deities act as a mediator between us and the major deities. We can cite Lord Vayu Bhagavan as the best example for that. Lord Vayu is present all over the […]

Inviting deities to our homes on Festivals

We can invite the deities to our homes during festivals, similar to inviting our friends, neighbours and relatives. During Krishna Jayanti Festival day, most of the Hindus would draw kolams in the inside and outside of their homes, in order to invite Child Krishna to their homes. Similarly during Varalakshmi Vratham festival day, most of […]

Lets Utilise our Birth in Worshipping Bhagavan

We must realise that our birth has been gifted by the god, and hence, we have to frequently worship the almighty. We have to utilise our birth properly by doing good acts, and our each and every moment of life must be utilised cheerfully, usefully and productively. For being born as a human in this […]

Why do Divine Avatars differ from each other

WHY DO THE DIVINE AVATARS DIFFER FROM EACH OTHER! Our worshipful divine avatars differ from each other! If we take Lord Narasimha and Parasurama, though they are the two wonderful avatars of Lord Vishnu, yet, Narasimha is worshipped as powerful deity and lot of temples are also dedicated to him, whereas, only a few temples […]

God is not our Servant

God is not our Servant. Yes. Of course, god is not our servant, and he can be considered only as our perfect divine master. Though for his true devotees like Kuchela, he acts as their servant, yet in our case, the great almighty must always be treated as our Universal Master. Whenever we offer our […]

Lets Fix the image of God on our soul

Lets Fix the image of God on our soul… Let’s fix the image of the deities like Murugan, Krishna, Ayyappa, Vinayaka, Shakti, Shiva and Vishnu on our soul, in order to develop more bhakti, to get rid from worldly illusions and also to develop more memory powers. This method would also help us to avoid […]

By Worshipping Lord Krishna, your sins would be burnt into ashes

By Worshipping Lord Krishna, your sins would be burnt into ashes. Commonly most of us would commit sins in our life, and no one can escape from that! Good Karmas and Bad Karmas would always go together, and it is the laid down rules of the god! Though we cannot stop committing sins, at least, […]

Clearly observe deities during our Temple Darshan

Clearly observe deities during our Temple Darshan.. Whenever we visit the temples, let’s clearly and closely observe the deities, since the very purpose of our visit itself depends only on our darshan of the deities, and that too, in case of TirumalaSri Venkateswara Temple, we must have to carefully observe our beloved Lord Venkateswara deity […]

Krishna Consciousness

Wallpapers Of Lord Shri Krishna And Radha

Krishna consciousness means showing our utmost devotion, attraction and affection on the Supreme god, Krishna, and it also includes doing meditation and performing puja to Krishna. Even during the time of unconscious state, we should contain Krishna consciousness, by considering that only through the grace of Krishna we survives in this world. Krishna consciousness must […]

How to Please Lord Krishna

How to please Lord Krishna by our acts is the question of most of the Krishna devotees. We can please Lord Krishna in so many different ways, like standing in front of our picture and offering our humble worship, offering the holy Prasad items which is liked by him, like butter, ghee and sweets and […]

If we come under the Direct Control of God, then what will happen?

Similar to our great Prahalada, if we come under the direct control of the god, then what will happen? We would surely lead a sin free and a disciplined life, since we would never commit mistakes during the time of god’s presence. During the previous Yugas, the presence of the divine avatars, Rama and Krishna […]

Lets Clap for Supreme God to express our Gratitude

Let’s loudly clap our hands before the picture/idol of Lord Krishna in order to express our gratitude to him. We are clapping our hands even when we hear some worst jokes delivered by our friends and in the meetings, but we are not interested to clap our hands, in order to thank our Krishna, for […]

Ma Shakti’s Merciful Love towards her Children

Ma Shakti Devi’s merciful love towards her children cannot be explained in words, since she showers her unconditional mercy on us like the heavy rain. In the Devi Bhagavatha Mahatmya, Ma Shakti Devi is mentioned as “KARUNAMAYEE”, the merciful goddess. She showers mercy even to the bad natured demons like Andhaka, the cousin to our […]

God Never Harms Us

Yes. God will never cause harm to us, but we are only harming him by the way of scolding him for our own sufferings! God is formless and at the same time, he can be worshipped in any form, like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Vinayaka, Ayyappa and Muruga. If we hear about the miraculous incidents happened […]

Spiritual Addict

Instead of becoming a drug addict, we could become a spiritual addict! Spiritual addiction and spiritual dedication would help us to attain liberation. Lord Krishna also talks in detail, about Spiritual addiction, in his holy Bhagavat Gita. Spiritual addiction means keeping our entire thoughts on the almighty, even at the time of our sleep also. […]

Challenges Faced by God

Challenges Faced by God… We used to think that after the completion of creation work, Lord Brahma simply sits in his Lotus Flower in the Satya Loka, and listens to the Gandharva Music. Actually it is not like that. After writing the fate on the head of the humans, Lord Brahma used to worry about […]

Significance of God

The significance of god cannot be fully explained by anyone, and it could be well explained only by the god himself! God’s worship is prevalent since ancient times. He can be worshipped either in form or as formless. Hindus used to worship the gods/goddesses by assigning various titles to them, such as Ayyappa, Muruga, Shiva, […]

Endless Journey

Right from our birth till our death, our life is an endless journey. Journey means not in the sense of just simply travelling to various places. Though we may sit at our home, but our mind would undertake journey to various places within a few seconds, since human mind would keep on wavering here and […]


Bhagvan is a wonderful person, we can worship him in any form based on our beliefs, sentiments and faith. God exist several millions of years before, and for him, there is no beginning or end! God cannot be destroyed by anyone! Creation of various things in the world is the duty imposed on him! Similar […]

Let us be Faithful to the God

Uma Maheshwara - Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi

Let us be faithful and sincere to the god. Even a dog act faithfully to its master, but we human beings who contains six senses, are not loyal to our universal master, the god. The ancient Rishis have got the opportunity to get the direct Darshan of Lord Shiva due to their staunch devotion. They […]