God’s Anger

The anger of the god is reflected in the form of the dreaded CORONA VIRUS. This was mainly happened, due to lack of faith and bhakti on the almighty. In general, god would never show his anger towards his own creations, but if we ignore him, and move in a selfish manner, then he has […]

Our Body is Temple


We must consider our body as a temple, and we must have to maintain our physical body in a proper manner.Due to our past births karmas, we are committing sins, and from the outcomes, we are suffering a lot. Since god is dwelling in our soul and also in our body, we must keep our […]

God only is our True Lover

God only is our true lover, and he would come with us in every walk of our life. Even if our parents, relatives and friends reject us, god would never reject us, and would console us than that of our own mother. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita says, “I would always stay with my […]

Upliftment of Hinduism

It is our important duty to uplift our holy Hinduism, to spread its significance among the masses, and to protect our holy religion from anti-social elements. Nowadays some people belonging to some activist groups are boldly commenting on our Hinduism, and they are wounding the sentiments, traditions and beliefs of Hinduism. They are telling that […]

Glorifying the God

It is our foremost duty to glorify the god by chanting his mantras, reciting his names, doing prayers and singing songs on him. Everybody wants to lead a happy and a stress free life. But if we suffer from problems, then immediately we are cursing the god, and we are even ignoring to worship him. […]

Lord Krishna dwells in everything in the World

Lord Krishna dwells in all things in the world. ‘Sarvam Krishnarpanam’ means offering of all the precious things, delicious food items, our wealth and even offering of ourselves in the form of sacrifice to Lord Krishna. This mantra would also be recited at the end of most of the Hindu rituals, by transferring the outcomes […]

Use Entire energy for Spreading Spiritual Significance of Gods & Goddesses

Daily we are using our energy for useless purposes like talking and quarreling with our family members, singing film songs and interacting with our friends and neighbours. For doing all these sort of things, we are wasting lot of energy. But still we are not stopping the habit, and we are continuously doing the same […]

No Qualification is required for worshipping Gods & Goddesses

No qualification is required for worshipping the gods and goddess. If we search for a job, the employer would check for our experience, and based on that only, we would get a job. If we want to join in a school, we have to pay the prescribed fees and then only we would be allowed […]

God is Visible to us in the form of Chandra, Surya, Dhruva

We can’t question about the existence of the god, since daily we are viewing Lord Surya, Chandra and Dhruva, from our naked eyes. Lord Surya is giving light to us, and gives food grains, generates rain and also blesses us, if we sincerely worship him. Lord Chandra can be easily seen during the full moon […]

Let our Each and Every breath chant the Glories of God

Let our each and every breath chant the glories of the god. We are able to breath in this world, due to the courtesy of the god. He allows us to stay in this earth for some time, and makes us to actively do our duties. He helps us to breath and thereby he makes […]

Worship is never a waste

Our sincere worship to the almighty would never go waste. It would act as a protective shield and would safeguard us in difficult circumstances. Worshipping the god is recommended in all the religions, and Christians have to compulsorily visit the churches and must attend the prayer. Similarly Muslims are doing worship for five times a […]

Saints are more Powerful than God

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Saints are considered as more powerful than the almighty. They act as an intermediary between us and the almighty, and in times of troubles, then would come forward and would hug us similar to our affectionate mother. Saints have been appointed by the deities in order to act as a guide for us, to remove […]

Watch Eyes of God whenever you are in Trouble

Whenever we are in any trouble, we can watch the eyes of the almighty, in order to at least temporarily get relieved from our problems. Ma Shakti Devi is popular known as thousand eyed goddess, and she is worshipped as Ayiram Kannathal, in some temples in Tamil Nadu. During Navaratri festival days, Ma Durga’s Eyes […]

God would never Cheat us

Unlike humans, god would never cheat us. In fact, he would be like our true friend, would safeguard our belongings, and would never make us to shiver at any point of time. But if we plan to make any offerings to the almighty, we must do it after getting our prayers answered. Or otherwise the […]

God is our Best Relative

Instead of relying upon the help of our relatives, we can consider the supreme god as our best relative. Whenever we are in need of some help, in general, we would approach our relatives only. But they may or may not help us, and even they may cite some reasons and can avoid helping us. […]

Sufferings faced by the Almighty

Similar to us, god also had faced sufferings in their life. The great Lord Shiva drank the HalaHala poison in order to safeguard the entire universe from destruction. Similar to that, Lord Vishnu also came down to the earth, and he had married Ma Padmavathi, and is dwelling in Tirupati, in order to shower his […]

Getting Anger with God

Similar to getting anger with our parents, we would also frequently get anger with the god, and sometimes we would curse him also, due to the severity of our sufferings. But god would never get angry on us, similar to our loving parents, and he would try his level best to reduce the sufferings in […]

Food, Clothing & Shelter – Basic Needs for a Human being

Food, clothing and shelter are considered as the main three essentials in our life. Without food we cannot live in this world, and next, in order to maintain our honour in this society, we have to get dressed in a proper manner. The third one is shelter. Without having a home, it is highly difficult. […]

Become a Slave to Almighty

Similar to Lord Hanuman, we can also become slaves to the almighty. Ancient slaves who faithfully served their human bosses were suffered a lot, and they were hardly tortured by their masters. Female slaves were molested by their masters and they were roughly treated similar to the dogs, and they were not even offered proper […]

Develop Confidence by Worshipping Lord Krishna

We can develop more confidence in our life, through our regular prayers on the almighty. According to the Bhagavat Gita sayings of Lord Krishna, “Whoever worships me in a whole heartedly manner, would be protected by me, and would be saved by me in all sorts of difficulties in their life”. We must hear the […]