Krishna Consciousness

Wallpapers Of Lord Shri Krishna And Radha

Wallpapers Of Lord Shri Krishna And Radha

Krishna consciousness means showing our utmost devotion, attraction and affection on the Supreme god, Krishna, and it also includes doing meditation and performing puja to Krishna. Even during the time of unconscious state, we should contain Krishna consciousness, by considering that only through the grace of Krishna we survives in this world.

Krishna consciousness must be developed by each and every individual and by developing that, we could easily come out from the worldly illusions. Without Krishna consciousness, we don’t know how to react ourselves in each and every second of our life. We can enjoy a lot in our life, and death related fear would not occur, if we tightly hold Lord Krishna on our soul.

The practice of maintaining Krishna consciousness would free us from the root cause of pains and sufferings, and it would generate lot of eternal happiness. The process of having Krishna consciousness is simple, and it can be done by the way of doing meditation and explaining about the good qualities of Krishna in the form of spiritual discourses.

Krishna is the main source of our existence and he is the true source of all sorts of spiritual pleasures. He is known by different names and his staunch devotees believe that he is the one and only Supreme God. Our main goal is to keep connecting with the supreme God Krishna by the way of serving him with pure devotion. Once we develop the full consciousness on Krishna, we would always get the great feeling as if we consume the divine nectar from the heaven.

We can also find out the image of Lord Krishna on all of his creations in the world. The great spiritual feeling of Krishna would lead us to the dream world, and it would be better than that of the Swarga Loka. Keeping on the spiritual thoughts of Krishna would make us to shine brightly in our life, and unnecessary and unwanted thoughts would be erased from our mind.

Even several foreigners have expressed their great divine feeling after they began to sincerely involve themselves in Krishna consciousness. After we get the full consciousness about Krishna, we would began to joyfully sing, dance and our mouth would keep on uttering about the wonderful names of Lord Krishna, and thereafter, we would be fully protected by Lord Krishna.


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